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Fibonacci's Rabbits

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Fibonacci's Rabbits

The original problem that Fibonacci investigated (in the year 1202) was about
how fast rabbits could breed in ideal circumstances.

Suppose a newly-born pair of rabbits, one male, one female, are put in a
field. Rabbits are able to mate at the age of one month so that at the end of
its second month a female can produce another pair of rabbits. Suppose that
our rabbits never die and that the female always produces one new pair (one
male, one female) every month from the second month on. The puzzle that
Fibonacci posed was...

How many pairs will there be in one year?

At the end of the first month, they mate, but there is still one only 1 pair.
At the end of the second month the female produces a new pair, so now there
are 2 pairs of rabbits in the field.
At the end of the third month, the original female produces a second pair,
making 3 pairs in all in the field.
At the end of the fourth month, the original female has produced yet another
new pair, the female born two months ago produces her first pair also, making
5 pairs.

The number of pairs of rabbits in the field at the start of each month is 1,
1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ...

Can you see how the series is formed and how it continues? If not, look at the

The first 300 Fibonacci numbers are here and some questions for you to answer.

Now can you see why this is the answer to our Rabbits problem? If not, here's
Another view of the Rabbit's Family Tree:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987


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Current Radar
2, 3, 5, & 7 Day

1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 ...

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ... (add the last two to get the next)

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V. Zionism and Holocaust Denial

Abu Mazen's doctoral dissertation, submitted to the Oriental College in Moscow
in 1982,(25) concerned Zionism, and was titled "The Connection Between Nazism
and Zionism 1933-1945." Abu Mazen later published a book with a slightly
different title: The Other Face: The Secret Connection Between the Nazis and
the Zionist Movement. In the book, Abu Mazen sought to de-legitimize the
Zionist movement, citing the 1935 agreement, between the Nazi authorities and
representatives of the Zionist movement, which facilitated the escape of part
of German Jewry to Palestine in exchange for their property. According to Abu
Mazen, this agreement proves that the entire Zionist movement collaborated
with the Nazis in the annihilation of the Jewish people because it saw
Palestine as the only appropriate destination for Jewish emigration.

In the foreword to the book, Abu Mazen discussed the question of the number of
Jewish Holocaust victims more extensively than in his dissertation, denying
commonly-accepted data. He wrote: "During World War II, 40 million people of
different nations of the world were killed. The German people sacrificed 10
million; the Soviet people 20 million; and the rest [of those killed] were
from Yugoslavia, Poland, and the other peoples. But after the war it was
announced that 6 million Jews were among the victims, and that the war of
annihilation had been aimed first of all against the Jews, and only then
against the rest of the peoples of Europe."

"The truth of the matter is that no one can verify this number, or completely
deny it. In other words, the number of Jewish victims might be 6 million and
might be much smaller – even less than 1 million. [Nevertheless], a discussion
regarding the number of Jews [killed] does not, in any way, diminish the
severity of the crime committed against them, as murder – even of one man – is
a crime that the civilized world cannot accept and humanity cannot accept."

"It seems that the Zionist movement's stake in inflating the number of
murdered in the war aimed at [ensuring] great gains. This led it to confirm
the number [6 million], to establish it in world opinion, and by doing so to
arouse more pangs of conscience and sympathy for Zionism in general. Many
scholars have debated the question of the 6 million figure, and reached
perplexing conclusions, according to which the Jewish victims total hundreds
of thousands. The well-known Canadian author Roger Delarom said on this
matter: 'To date, no proof whatsoever exists that the number of Jewish victims
in the Nazi concentration camps reached four million or six million. Zionism
first spoke of 12 million exterminated in these camps, but then the number
decreased greatly, to half, that is, only six million. Then the number
decreased further, and became four million, as the Germans could not have
killed or exterminated more Jews than there were in the world at that time. In
effect, the true number is much smaller than these fictitious millions.' The
[American] historian and author Raul Hilberg thinks that this number is no
greater than 896,000."(26) Abu Mazen's attribution of this figure to Raul
Hillberg's The Destruction of the European Jews is false.(27)

In the foreword to his book, Abu Mazen also argued that gas chambers were not
used as a means of annihilation – a claim based on research by Holocaust
denier Robert Faurisson. This part did not appear in Abu Mazen's dissertation
but was added to the book: "Afterwards, the Zionist movement attempted to
describe how they [the Jews] were murdered in concentration camps and gas
chambers, as it disregarded two fundamental facts. First, many of the Jews
remained alive; some were rescued by the Zionist movement [which encouraged]
their emigration to Palestine, and some [survived because of] the peoples of
the world that managed to protect them and take them away from the Nazis, as
the Soviet Union did by sending two million Jews to its eastern republics. In
addition, hundreds of thousands of live Jews were found in the concentration
camps when the Allies liberated the territories [ruled by the Nazis]."

"Second, the extermination of the victims was not carried out only in the
concentration camps and gas chambers. Some of the victims fell as a result of
their participation in wars and battles, and also due to starvation and
disease that struck all the peoples of Europe. In addition, the concentration
camps were not only for Jews, but held people from all over Europe, among them
fighters, intellectuals, scholars, prisoners of war, and opponents of

"Regarding the gas chambers, which were supposedly designed for murdering
living Jews: A scientific study published by Professor Robert Faurisson of
France denies that the gas chambers were for murdering people, and claims that
they were only for incinerating bodies, out of concern for the spread of
disease and infection in the region."(28)

*Yael Yehoshua is a Research Fellow at MEMRI.


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Doskonaly pomysl
chyba porozmawiam z Michnikiem albo Rapaczynska


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Witam witam:-)
Za pare tygodni, moze miesiecy Aquanet bedzie wymagac oddzielny server:-)

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> The Eagle of Freedom ;))) Very Good !!!
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Ecrire au Président de la République
Ecrire au Président
de la République


Votre message a bien été envoyé.

Vous recevrez une réponse le plus rapidement possible.

Présidence de la République,
Le 29 avril 2003

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1: public void startJXTA(){
2: netPGroup = PGroupFactory.newNetPGroup();
3: PGroupID pGroupBinaryID = MD5ID.createPGroupID
(netPGroup.getPGroupID(),"hello world application", "chat");
4: applicationPGroup = PGroupTool.createAndJoinPGroup
(netPGroup, "Hello World",pGroupBinaryID);
5: }


1: public void addServer (String name) throws Exception{
2: String type = PipeService.UnicastType;
3: PipeID pipeID = MD5ID.createPipeID
(applicationPGroup.getPGroupID(),name, "chat pipe "+type);
4: ConnectionServer connectionServer = new ConnectionServer
(applicationPGroup,pipeID, type);
5 connectionServer.addConnectionListener(listener);
6: connectionServer.start();
7: }


1: public void run() {
2: // Start waiting for connections
3: while (true) {
4: // Block until another peer connects to this socket
5: JxtaSocket jxtaSocket = jxtaServerSocket.accept();
6: if (jxtaSocket != null ) {
7: for (int i = 0;i < href="http://www.singlecell.org/march/index.html" target="_blank">www.singlecell.org/march/index.html

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April Wednesday 23-2003


Nasrallah: Freedom is the best defense
Hizbullah leader cites fragility of Iraqi dictatorship

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Arab regimes Tuesday that only
free peoples, and not “armies and intelligence organizations,” could protect
them from the military might of the United States.
“The greatest lesson to be learned (from the US-led war against Iraq) is that
a country that is fragmented or ruled by repression has no future when faced
by a superior enemy,” Nasrallah said. “We and our regimes must learn the
lesson … An army and intelligence organizations can protect a regime against
an unarmed people, but when they face a greater (military) power, they can’t
protect the regime. It is the people that protects it.”
He also praised the performance of the Iraqi people during the war and its
aftermath, predicting that they will choose the time and place of their
eventual resistance to US “occupation.”
Nasrallah condemned US threats against Syria and Lebanon, calling for
solidarity to help Damascus to “face this difficult period.”
The secretary-general of Hizbullah made the comments in the southern Beirut
suburb of Rweis at an event to mark the eve of the anniversary of the 40th day
following the death of Imam Hussein. In the Iraqi town of Karbala, meanwhile,
some 2 million Shiites gathered to mark the day in freedom for the first time
in decades.
The “beginning of the end of the “Israeli” era in Lebanon” he argued, was
marked by the first commemoration of Ashura in the town of Nabatieh after the
Jewish state’s 1982 invasion.
Nasrallah pledged that Wednesday’s commemoration of the 40th day for Imam
Hussein would also mark the “beginning of the end of the American era” in
Iraq. He urged his audience to observe closely the gatherings on Wednesday in
Iraq and “read all of these slogans carefully to understand the future
“The Americans want us to see only defeat,” he said, hinting that the
gatherings would mark a spirited resistance to the US presence in Iraq.
“Why are these millions going to Karbala?” he asked in his first major address
after the conclusion of hostilities in Iraq. “To be inspired by Hussein’s
spirit of revolution to fight injustice.”
“Millions will learn from Imam Hussein how to remain, not to hide or flee …
how to sacrifice his family and wealth,” he added, in a reference to the
disappearance of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and other leading symbols of
the regime.
“When a leader and his people remain steadfast in the face of attackers, their
memory will remain a source of inspiration for generations. Those who don’t
will be forgotten by their people,” Nasrallah said.
Nasrallah said the US occupation forces were “smarter and more cunning” than
repressive regimes, announcing that they had no problem with religious
ceremonies in Iraq, or allowing political parties to operate freely. But the
end result was the same, he argued, namely oppressing the country’s people.
He said “the Americans had planned for bigger and more dangerous things in
their war against Iraq,” accusing Washington of “destroying our countries and
coming to as saviors.”
Nasrallah said that the course of the war and post-war period showed that two
American goals had been frustrated.
“Bush’s Zionist administration sought to make this a Christian-Islamic war,”
he said, but was thwarted by anti-war stances taken by the Pope and a range of
Christian churches.
The second failed policy, Nasrallah added, was provoking inter-sectarian
conflict in Iraq.
He said that America sought to present a picture of Iraq’s Shiite community as
supporting the war just to get rid of Saddam’s regime.
“Some voices were exploited and things were blown out of proportion,” he
said. “But this danger was avoided due to the positions taken by Shiite
religious authorities and the performance of the Iraqi people.”
Listing some of the “disastrous” results of the war, Nasrallah cited US
occupation of Iraq, the frustration of many people who thought the invasion
would be more costly for the US and Britain, divisions between Arab regimes
and between Arab peoples, and “another wave of US and “Israeli” threats
against Syria, Iran, Lebanon and resistance groups in Palestine.”
Nasrallah said that one negative image ­ namely that of Iraqis looting their
own country after the hostilities ­ was an invention of the media.
“They tried to show Iraqis as ignorant and backward, but the Saddam Hussein
regime and the US bear responsibility for this,” he said, blaming the Iraqi
regime for not responding to his call for a reconciliation with its political
opponents before the hostilities broke out.
He said the regime had released thousands of criminals prior to the war, and
that this minority was responsible for the lawlessness.
Nasrallah called the amount of Iraqi resistance to the invasion “practically a
miracle,” given the conditions in the country.
“The Americans expected a popular uprising against the regime, but this didn’t
take place,” he said.
Another positive point, he said, was that “we in Lebanon, Palestine and
elsewhere were not deceived by American slogans ­ they haven’t been true to any
of these things they said, such as liberation, freedom, democracy and
Nasrallah said people were not being deceived, since the awarding of
reconstruction contracts were awarded to American and British firms with no
Iraqi input, aid was prevented from reaching the needy, and “the country has
been divided into regions and American officers have been chosen to run them,
and there is talk of establishing permanent US military bases.”
Without mentioning Al-Jazeera by name, Nasrallah accused it of being involved
in “a conspiracy,” by embellishing a statement issued by a leading Shiite
religious figure when US forces entered Shiite holy cities.

President Lahoud: “Israel” intriguing US to threaten Lebanon, Syria…(2)

Beirut, Lebanon's President Emile Lahoud said here on Tuesday that “Israel” is
definitely intriguing the US President George W. Bush and his administration
to keep threatening Lebanon and

Lieutenant General Lahoud who was speaking in a meeting with a group of
Finnish journalists said that the current US threats both against Beirut and
against Damascus are all baseless and fabrications of
the “Israelis”.

He further emphasized, "The United States had better realize that the
establishment of a lasting peace in the Middle East has several rerequisites,
including the establishment of just and comprehensive peace between each two
countries involved in a crisis here."

Referring to the friendly relations between Beirut and Washington, the
Lebanese president made the point, "This friendship will not deprive the
Lebanese government of its right to clearly announce its viewpoints regarding
the US administration's conduct in the Middle

Expressing pessimism over the future of the Middle East peace process, the
Lebanese president said, "“Israel” is responsible for the failure of all
efforts aimed at solving the Arab

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16-Iran-Israel relations (1949-1979)
The recognition of Israel by Pahlavi’s regime in betrayal of the
Palestinians, and its endorsement of Israeli occupation of Palestine on the
eve of Arab-Israel war are found in this collection. The reaction of the
Pahlavi government to Nasser's nationalization of the Suez Canal and the
subsequent rise in oil prices , make it clear that the Pahlavi’s regime was
in collusion with the US imperialist policies in the Middle East. The
documents in this collection, which are unique in describing the background
and reasons for the establishment of relations between Israel and Iran, deal
with details of the recognition of Israel by Iran, the position and reaction
of the press inside and outside Iran to the issue, the relationship between
Iran and Israel from the outset to Amir Abass Hovida’s premiership, and
technical, economic, medical, nuclear atomic cooperation between the two

Minister's deputy office in press and publicity affairs
intersection of shahid beheshtiave &
shahid saboonchi ave.
takhti square Tehran, Iran

Tel: 8751754-8
Fax: 8757845




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terheran times
antiJihad activists?


US-Iran-Kharrazi /POL/

Tehran, April 24, IRNA -- Iran on Thursday scoffed at US charges that
Tehran was interfering in Iraq by sending agents to 'destabilize the
Shia population' in southern Iraq, describing the claim as 'baseless'.
"It is very interesting that Americans have occupied Iraq and are
now accusing its neighbor of interfering in that country," Kharrazi
said during a joint news conference with his French counterpart
Dominique de Villepin who arrived here early Thursday for a one-day
Asked to comment on US press reports that agents of the Badr
Brigade, the military wing of an Iraqi exile group based in Iran,
were operating to stir up anti-American sentiments, Kharrazi said,
"This accusation is baseless."
He stressed that 'the Badr Brigade has an Iraqi identity an no
Iranian is its member'.
"Iranians have no role in Iraq and it is up to the Iraqi people to
decide on their fate and future but America is seeking to prevent the
Iraqi nation from restoring their rights," Kharrazi added.
Asked about Tehran's feeling about US Marines' patrols along the
Iraqi border with Iran, he said, "We are obliged to defend our borders
and the red line is our borders."
The Iranian foreign minister also criticized US and Britain, which
recently toppled Saddam Hussein from power, for "taking up a
monopolist approach towards Iraq issues".
"Americans and British, instead of seeking assistance from the
international community to resolve Iraq's problems, are working to
establish a brand of monopolism in that country, hence American
companies are signing numerous agreements and plundering the legacy of
the Iraqi people," he said.
Kharrazi also hailed Iraqi Shias for attending mourning ceremonies
for Imam Hossein (AS), who was martyred in 680 AD, in Karbala and
other cities over recent days.
"The Iraqi people, by this convergence, proved that they can take
their fate and the future of their country into their own hands,"
he said.
Kharrazi stressed the participation of all Iraqis, irrespective
of cast and color, in establishing a broad-based government in that
"Although most of the Iraqi people are Shia, for us, Shias,
Sunnis, Kurds and Arabs are the same and all of them must play their
role in creating a democratic and broad-based government in Iraq,"
he said.
"We welcome and support the formation of a democratic and
broad-based government in Iraq and believe that any effort to set up
a healthy transitional or permanent government must be made under the
aegis of the United Nations," Kharrazi added.
The Iranian foreign minister also underlined the role of clerics
who, he said, "have tried to guide the Iraqi people by advising them
to quit violence and think about unity".


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Official Name: Al-Mamlaka al-Arabiya as-Saudiya (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
Population: 20.8 million (2000): Saudi citizens 74.8%; 25.2% non-Saudi


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co do analnej masturbacji nie wiem czy to jest klucz do narcystyzmu,
narcysyzmu ,..(?)
wiele porno a malo psychologii ;( w polsce );


chociaz podobnie i gdzie inndziej ;(


duzo lepsze podejscie jest w :

A Brief History of Masturbation
Masturbation has been frowned upon throughout history and in nearly ever
culture. In ancient times of high infant mortality and low life expectancy,
stigmas about self-love were rooted in the belief that it endangered the
survival of the species. Men were also believed to have a finite amount of
sperm, and thus masturbation was thought of as wasteful. Of course, the 50,000
sperm men produce per minute are more than enough to go around!

Masturbation was also associated with many physical symptoms; psychiatrist
Benjamin Rush called it "self-pollution," claiming that it caused headaches,
epilepsy, nosebleeds, memory loss, heart murmurs, blindness, and even
psychosis. In the 1800s, Sylvester Graham led a health food crusade based on
the idea that sexual excess – including masturbation, erotic dreams and
intercourse more than once a month – was caused by rich and spicy foods. He
prescribed a bland and boring diet; the Graham cracker, in fact, is a
sweetened version of his invention. Corn Flakes were originally designed by
John Harvey Kellogg to promote health and decrease sex drive!

In the Victorian Era it was commonly held that, unlike any decent woman, men
had an excess of sexual desire and lust. Extramarital sex, homosexuality, oral
sex and masturbation were gravely taboo. This is not to say that this side of
human sexuality disappeared, of course; it was simply denied, discouraged and
condemned. Masturbation is still forbidden today in certain religions and
cultures, and even punished or prevented through castration and female
circumcision in some areas of the world. As late as 1940, a pediatric text in
the US proclaimed masturbation and any other non-reproductive erotic outlet as
harmful to the growth of society.

Today we live in a time of overpopulation, when sexuality is no longer tied
exclusively to reproduction. We now know that masturbation does not cause
disease; in fact, it is widely believed to promote health and well-being. Most
problems associated with self-love today are psychological; many people still
suffer needlessly from guilt, shame and feelings of isolation.

The 1948 Kinsey Report showed that intercourse, let alone masturbation, was an
activity as much to do with pleasure as it was to do with procreation. It
turned many ideologies on their ears and raised a great deal of controversy.
If the vast majority of the population had masturbated, then why should anyone
be ashamed of it? Though not completely "out of the closet" or accepted across
cultural barriers, it is increasingly accepted as a natural, healthy, and
fundamental part of human development and sexuality.

The Development of Personality

ORAL STAGE (First year) Related to later mistrust and rejection issues

ANAL STAGE (Ages 2-4) Related to later personal power issues

PHALLIC STAGE (Ages 4-6) Related to later sexual attitudes

LATENCY STAGE (Ages 5-11) A time of socialization

GENITAL STAGE (Ages 12-60) Sexual energies are invested in life


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czyli niby zostawienie analnej masturbacji (am)
am to samowystarczalne, narcystyczne kiszenie sie w sobie
Jutro pozdrowie Rzym; Papieza tez?
Sulibani maja przewage, obecnie, w walce czsowej

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Related projects at Cornell
The High-speed Cluster Communication project.

Project Zeno and the Continuous Media Toolkit.


The NuPrl Automated Reasoning System.


Projects on reliable group communications
in more or less "alphabetic" order

Amoeba project at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.


Mars project at the Technical Universiy of Vienna.
Navigators project at INESC, Lisbon.
NewTop/Arjuna at the University of Newcastle, UK.


Phoenix at EPFL, Lausanne.


Rampart at AT&T Bell Labs
Relacs at the University of Bologna.
RMP at the University of West Virginia.

The Team project at the University of California, San Diego.

Totem at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Transis project at the Hebrew University.


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The Leader of the Revolution / Lecture

The Leader of the Revolution / Lecture Tripoli / al Rabie 16 / Jana For the
continuation of his inciting role towards building an educated generation
participating actively in advancing the Jamahiri community and building the
great African Union structure and supporting development and progresss in the
African Continent, the Leader of the Revolution met today the students of Al
Fateh university via a satellite channel. The students of the College of
Science received the Leader of the Revolution with chanting and affirmed their
faith in the great Al Fateh Revolution's thought and their lines in all
fields, especially towards the African Continent which represents the
strategic depth of the Great Jamahiriya. The Leader delivered lecutres to the
university students in which he affirmed the importance of education in the
Great Jamahiriya which should be delivered horizontally to reach the students
in every village and city. He emphasised that such a drive will solve all the
problems facing the students and will help them to get their scientific
education and participate in serving their community. The Leader of the
Revolution encouraged the students of the university to move towards the
African Continent to take an opportunity of its great potentials, especially
the water resources. /Jamahiriya News Agency /


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The Federation's Members:

The Federation comprises at present in its membership, the following National
Arab News Agencies:

1. Jordan News Agency (PETRA)
2. Emirates News Agency (WAM)
3. Tunis - Afrique Press (TAP)
4. Algerian Press Service (APS)
5. Saudi Press Agency (SPA)
6. Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)
7. Iraqi News Agency (INA)
8. Palestinian News Agency (WAFA)
9. Qatari News Agency (QANA)
10. Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA)
11. National News Agency - Lebanon (NNA)
12. Jamahiriyah News Agency (JNA)
13. Maghreb Arab Press (MAP)
14. Mauritanian Press Agency (MPA)
15. Yemen News Agency (SABA)
16. Middle East News Agency – Egypt (MENA)
17. Sudan News Agency (SUNA)
18. Oman News Agency (ONA)

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'Death to the Aspen Institute', by Jeffrey Gedmin
But please don't call the Germans anti-American.

Now the losers want in, by Amir Taheri
The worst thing America could do is leave Iraq prematurely.

Same boat, different destination, by Mark Heller
America will clean up Iraq and leave. Israel should do the same in the West
Bank and Gaza.

Why this year is different, by Gerald M. Steinberg
We are on the way toward the renewal of Israel's freedom

What does victory mean?, By Barry Rubin
There is so much coverage, so many analyses and numerous details emerging from
this historic event that it is easy to lose sight of the main themes and

Drawing conclusions, By Khaled Abu Toameh
Political cartoons reflect the mood of the Palestinian street and it's not a
pretty picture.

Editorial: The Turkish treatment
Dictatorships understand the difference between rattling one's saber and
drawing one's sword, even if democracies often don't.

Abbas's capture has huge implications, By Barry Rubin
If he talks, the flow of valuable information on Baghdad's sponsorship of
terrorism, both historic and contemporary, is going to be plentiful.

Russia and the Great Game, By Barbara Amiel
Putin comes from a KGB culture and Bush and Rice, when all is said and done,
are not KGB sort-of-thinkers.

America's gift for Pessah, By Caroline B. Glick
The manner in which the pieces of the Iraqi regime were smashed down and are
now being rearranged will serve as a basis for the work of politicians and an
inspiration for military planners for years to come.

The power of freedom, By Natan Sharansky
The leaders of the free world will have to convince themselves that tyranny is
no more inherent to the Arab condition than it is to the human condition.

Counting Israel's blessings, By Isi Leibler
Despite the libels against us, despite our shortcomings, this Pessah we have
every reason to be proud.

Re-thinking the idea of 'enemy', By Daniel Pipes
Western operations against non-Western states resemble police raids more than

Freedom and the Land of Israel, By Michael Freund
Sharon's promises to rid the country of terror have dissolved into a readiness
to reward it.

Editorial: Speed cameras now
The British have used them to reduce road crashes by 45 percent.

Whither a post-Saddam Mideast? By Barry Rubin
Arab states perceive Israel as the big winner which may not be true, but is an
asset for Israel.


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NUSAJRYCI, alawici, ugrupowanie rel. wywodzące się z muzułm. ruchu szyickiego
i uznawane przez większość muzułm. teologów za heretyckie; narodziło się w X
w.; doktryna nusajrytów opiera się na naukach Muhammada Ibn Nusajra (IX w.),
które w X w. propagował wśród arab. plemion w górach pn. Syrii Husajn Ibn
Hamdan al-Chasibi (jego grób w Halab jest celem pielgrzymek nusajrytów); mało
znana, synkretyczna doktryna nusajrytów (zawierająca m.in. elementy staroż.
kultu gwiazd, chrześcijaństwa, isma'ilizmu), różni się zasadniczo od islamu;
jej gł. zasadą jest deifikacja czwartego kalifa Alego Ibn Abi Taliba (stąd
druga nazwa nusajrytów — alawici), który należy do boskiej trójcy (Ali,
Mahomet, Salman al-Farsi) — jest to odniesienie do chrześc. Trójcy Świętej;
nusajryci wierzą w reinkarnację, 5 obowiązków muzułmanina traktują
symbolicznie i nie wypełniają ściśle, mają własne święta — niektóre muzułm.,
niektóre chrześcijańskie. Po 1920, w okresie franc. mandatu w Syrii, ustaliła
się nazwa alawici, a rejon przez nich zamieszkany (z ośr. w Latakii) został
przez administrację franc. uznany za autonomiczne państwo (1946 ostatecznie
wcielone do niepodległej Syrii); liczbę nusajrytów w Syrii szacuje się na 600–
700 tys. (1981), wraz z emigracją świat. — ok. 1 mln; z alawitów wywodzi się
H. al-Asad, prez. Syrii od 1971, oraz popierające go kręgi rządowe.


Czciciele Alego ibn abi Taliba zwana także nusajrytami. Jest to
ekstremistyczna sekta ( ok. 300 tys. wyznawców )

W północnej Syrii żyjąc, w odosobnieniu zachowali tradycje średniowieczne.

Ojczyzną jest Dżabal an-Nusajrija lub Anasrija - góra Nusajrija w górach
Libanu, a także w rejonie Alepo, Hama i przy granicy z Turcją.
Pierwotna nazwa pochodzi od twórcy tej wiary Muhammada ibn Nusajra zm. w roku
873. Nazwa kojarzona jest również ze słowem nusrani - chrześcijanin.

Alawici noszą typowe imiona chrześcijańskie ( Jan, Mateusz, Katarzyna) i
obchodzą święta Bożego Narodzenia i Wielkanocy.

Wierzenia są mieszaniną elementów starożytnego kultu astralnego.
Celem człowieka jest przyjęcie do sfery gwiazd poprzez siedem wcieleń.
Najwybitniejszym teologiem był Husajn ibn Hamdan al.-Chasibi żyjący w X wieku.
W 1922 alawici otrzymali samodzielne państwo ze stolicą w Litakii. Od roku
1946 definitywnie zostali
wcieleni do Syrii.

Ród Asadów
Zmarły dyktator Syrii Hafez el–Asad wywodzi się z alawickiego klanu Kalbiyeh.
poślubieniu kobiety wywodzącej się z Haddadinów zdobył także sympatię jej
Warunkowo popierała go także starszyzna innych dwóch wielkich klanów alawitów —
Khayatin i Mataouira. Około 60 procent alawitów syryjskich opowiedziało się
za Asadem na śmierć i życie — dosłownie. Hafez rządził w sposób dyktatorski,
uczynił jednak swojego brata Rifaata wiceprezydentem i oddał mu zwierzchnictwo
nad siłami bezpieczeństwa oraz co najmniej połową armii. Najpoważniejsze
wyzwanie Asadom rzuciło sunnickie Bractwo Muzułmańskie. Rozpoczęło ono walkę
pod koniec lat 70. od zabijania alawickich kadetów, w 1982 roku wznieciło
powstanie w miastach Hama i Aleppo. Hasłem rebelii było zawołanie: „Śmierć
Asadom, śmierć alawitom! ' Powstańców w Aleppo rozgromiono już po kilku
dniach, za to Hama wpadła w ręce Bractwa. Rebelianci rozstrzeliwali wszystkich
alawitów, którzy nie zdołali uciec. Zemsta Asadów był straszna. Wojska pod
wodzą Rifaata wymordowały od 10 do 30 tysięcy ludzi i zburzyły całkowicie
historyczne śródmieście Hamy. Stłumienie powstania tak wzmocniło pozycję
Rifaata, że chciał on obalić swojego brata. Spisek udaremniono, Rifaata
wygnano za granicę, a jego zwolenników usunięto z wojska lub zabito. Hafez
zaczął wówczas promować na swojego następcę syna — Basela, a po jego śmierci —
Wydaje się, że obecnie alawickie dowództwo sił zbrojnych poparło Baszara, ale
na całkowitą akceptację alawickich klanów będzie on musiał jeszcze poczekać.
Na pewno przyspieszyłoby ją małżeństwo nowego władcy Syrii (dotychczas
kawalera) z kobietą z klanu Khayatin lub Mataouira.

Czciciele Alego
Alawici przez wieki byli pogardzaną mniejszością, zamieszkującą syryjskie góry
Nusajrija oraz okolice miasta Latakia. Żyli na samym dole hierarchii, wykonując
najgorsze i najmniej popłatne zawody. Degradację społeczną zawdzięczali dość
egzotycznym poglądom religijnym. Alawici, zwani także nusajrytami, wywodzą się
z szyickiej sekty ismaelitów. Uważają czwartego kalifa Alego, zięcia Mahometa,
za wcielenie Boga. Łączą też rytuały islamskie z chrześcijańskimi i
pogańskimi. Do niedawna nie byli w ogóle uważani za muzułmanów, lecz za pogan.
Francuzi, którzy opanowali Syrię po pierwszej wojnie światowej, oparli swoją
władzę na mniejszościach religijnych. Skorzystali z tego głównie
chrześcijanie, ale także alawici, którzy po raz pierwszy w swoich dziejach
mogli kształcić dzieci w nowoczesnych szkołach.
Przyczyną współczesnego sukcesu alawitów była — paradoksalnie — ich bieda. W
niepodległej Syrii lepiej sytuowane grupy społeczne nie chciały posyłać
chłopców do wojska, szczególnie do służby zawodowej, szkoły wojskowe zapełniły
się więc
kadetami alawickimi. Dla młodych z tej sekty była to jedyna droga awansu. Z
biegiem lat kadeci stawali się oficerami, a potem generałami, dowódcami
dywizji. W sytuacji gdy większość korpusu oficerskiego wywodziła się z
alawitów, wystarczył zamach wojskowy, by z pogardzanej kasty nusajryci stali
się panami Syrii. Ale mniejszość alawicka to dziś nie więcej niż 17 procent
ludności kraju.


ALAWICI, Filalidzi, dyn. panująca od 1666 w Maroku; wywodzi się od potomków Al-
Hasana (wnuka Mahometa), którzy w XIII w. osiedlili się w oazach Tafilalt (pd.-
wsch. Maroko) i przejęli władzę po dyn. Sadytów; polityka izolacjonizmu
(prowadzona od końca XVIII w.) nie uchroniła Maroka przed ekspansją państw
eur. (1912–56 protektorat franc.); 1957 sułtan Muhammad V przyjął tytuł króla,
który nosi też panujący od 1999 Muhammad VI.


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lozko wpoltwarde tak jak powinno byc
Stabat Mater Pergolesi w naszym kosciele bylo bardzo uduchawiajace
Pozwol ze zacytuje: Quando corpus morietur,
Fac ut animae donetur
Paradisi gloria. Amen.
Dowiedzialam sie poza tym ze kosciol tenze sam w latach 40-tych stworzyl liste
izraelitow ktora zachowal bo moze sie przydac.
Przeczytalam tez o Marku Krolu z czasopisma Wprost ktory oglosil swiatu ze jest

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Artificial Intelligence or Real ? IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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IRAK powraca do starej nazwy BABILON



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This site is a coalition effort of bloodthirsty hawks and ineffectual doves
united in admiration for Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi Minister of
Information (currently on administrative leave).

"In an age of spin, al-Sahaf offers feeling and authenticity. His message is
consistent -- unshakeable, in fact, no matter the evidence -- but he commands
daily attention by his on-the-spot, invective-rich variations on the theme.
His lunatic counterfactual art is more appealing than the banal awfulness of
the Reliable Sources. He is a Method actor in a production that will close in
a couple of days. He stands superior to truth."

-- Jean-Pierre McGarrigle




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One of the very ancient Sumerian goddesses, whose name is well attested in
texts since the Fara period, especially in personal names. Kings mention Her
in their royal inscriptions (ex. Uruinimgina, Entemena). As a manifestation of
the Great Mother Goddesses, She was responsible for the fertility of human
beings and animals, the very Lady of Abundance. As the wife of Ningirsu, She
formed part of the Lagash pantheon; Her temple there was the E-urukuga. At the
New Year´s Festival, the city celebrated Her Sacred Marriage with Ningirsu.
There was also a temple to Baba in Uruk. She is the recipient of numerous
votive offerings, especially during the Neo-Sumerian period (Gudea). At this
time Baba became known as the daughter of Anu, the Skyfather and the planet
Venus. During the Old Babylonian period She became identified with the goddess
of healing, Bau/Gula, Ninisinna and Inanna. Towards the end of the second
millennium BCE, she also appeared in connection with magick, equated with
Ningirim, the goddess of incantations. Baba was said to be related to Enki
as "the daughter-in-law of Eridu".

Sumerian goddess, whose name is written with a composite sign for "house"
and "fish." Like Nammu, she is associated with water, though specifically with
rivers and canals (quite a few of which were named after her). She was known
as the 'fishery inspector' of the sea in the myth Enki and the World Order;
fishes, good things, sweet things she presents to her fatehr Enlil in Nippur.
Nanshe was an important goddess in the Old and Neo-Sumerian period and
appeared frequently in personal names. She had several sanctuaries in Lagash.
Gudea, the founder of the Third Dynasty of Ur, called her the daughter of Enki
and the sister of Ningirsu (Sumerian god of a district of a city of Lagash)
and Nisaba (goddess of writing). She is said to have helped Ningirsu to
overcome Gudea´s enemies in battle. At this period, she became to be known as
the Diviner of the Gods, and Gudea consulted Her in oracles many times. From
another hymn dedicated to Her, we also learn that in Her temple She was seen
as a great administrator and arbiter of social justice.

Sumerian goddess, whose name means Lady of Incantations. She appears already
in the Fara texts. In the Sumerian Temple Hymns, She is associated with a
sanctuary in Murum. The temple is said to recite conjurations of heaven and
earth. In later periods too She is mainly mentioned in incantation texts.

Sumerian goddess. As Her name implies, Lady of Isin, She was the tutelary
goddess of this city. Her temple was the E-galmah, the Great Temple, described
in a Temple Hymn (number 30); She is described as the Mother Hierodule, whose
word fills heaven. When Isin became the capital of Sumer and Akkad during the
reign of Ishib-Erra and Lipt-Ishtar, She was promoted to the rank of Great
Goddess and assumed some of the functions of Inanna, including Her martial
aspects. Ninisina was the daughter of Anu, the Skyfather and the Earth Mother
Urash, and consort of Pabilsag, although Damu and Gunura, who are known
otherwise as her offspring, are mentioned as consorts in some Ur III texts.

As a healing goddess, Her most common epithet is The Great Healer/Doctor of
the Land, and as such is addressed in various hymns and letters. The manner of
her treatment was the uttering of the right incantation. She was also a
midwife. Towards the end of the Old Babylonian period She became identified
with the Semitic goddess Gula. In a well-known poem, She is in great distress
and wandering in the Arali, her temple in ruins. She cries out to Enlil, who
shows her the Tablets of Destiny which have an entry for her misfortune.
Another appeal by her mother is also in vain, since she exclaims that her
child is dead. This poem shows that the midwife goddess understood fully the
dual nature of labor, the closeness that exists between life and death.

Sumerian goddess, whose name is written with the cuneiform sign NAGA which was
used as a determinative for different kinds of grain; Her iconographic Her
name was an ear of corn. The pronunciation Ni-is-sa-bi is attested from the
earliest written documents, meaning Ninsaba, The Lady of Saba. She is first
mentioned in the Fara lists as the Lady of Eresh (Uruk) as quoted in the
Temple Hymns. She was also worshipped at Umma; Lugalzagesi calls Her his
mother. Under his reign and that of the following Akkadian dynasty, Nisaba´s
cult proliferated in other Sumerian towns. According to Gudea, She was the
sister of Ningirsu and Nanshe, and was as such part of the Lagash pantheon.
Gudea is also the first reference to Nisaba´s aspect as the patroness of
scribes: "She holds the pure stylus, the laws of the land are known as the
laws of Nisaba". She was very popular during the first half of the second
millennium BCE maybe as long as the Babylonian scribal schools, the edubbas,
flourished. Numerous hyms were composed in her honor which describe the
totality of her functions: " O Lady coloured like the stars of heaven, holding
the lapis lazuli tablet born in the great sheepfold by the divine Earth...
born in wisdom by the Great Mountain (Enlil), honest woman, chief scribe of
heaven, record-keeper of Enlil, all knowing sage of the gods", She makes
vegetation grow, establishes ritual ablutions and appoints the high priest.
Another hymn by the Isin king Ishbi-Erra dwells on Her maternal qualities.
With the growing popularity of Nabu during the Kassite and Neo-Babylonian
period, Nisaba lost her importance and had to be content with being his wife.

According to Professor Tikva Fryman-Kensky in her outstanding work "In the
Wake of the Goddesses" (Fawcet Columbine, New York, 1992), wisdom and writing
were the province of the Goddess Nisaba, as well as the measuring lines to
measure the heavens. Thus, Nisaba is the paradigmatic wise woman, "the great
knowledgeable perceptive one" who knows everything. She is also the great
teacher who gives advice to all lands and endows kings with wisdom. Nisaba
epitomizes both godly wisdom and the gift of learning to humans.

It is important to keep in mind that writing and surveying were essential to
the existence of urban life, and Nisaba is therefore honored as the one who
makes cities possible. Although other goddesses took learned occupations,
scribes generally finished their compositions with the short sentence "Nisaba
be praised!" stating clearly Her prominence in this field.

Lilith is listed here because there seems to be some confusion regarding this
personage, who is wrongly thought to be a Sumerian goddess. Fundamentally,
Lillith is not a Sumerian goddess, but a Jewish figure, there occupying a
central place as a demoness. Neo-paganism has deified Lilith, but the fact
remains that according to Sumerian sources lilith is not a deity. In fact,
Lilith is not an individual at all, but rather a class of ancient near-eastern
demons. To quote "Gods, Demons, and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia,":

The male lilu and two females lilitu and ardat-lili are a sort of family group
of demons.
They are not gods.

The only appearance of a Lilith in Mesopotamian mythology was in "Inanna and
The Huluppu Tree," wherein it was portrayed as an evil demon which had
infested Inanna's Huluppu tree, the sacred tree Inanna found by the banks of
the Euphrates and transplanted to Her city, Uruk. Lillith, a treacherous snake
and bird make a home for themselves in the Tree, until forcibly driven out by
Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh at this stage seems to have been a close friend of the
young goddess, and it is to him that Inanna turns for help regarding the
unwelcome guests lodging in the Tree. In this sense, the presence of Lillith

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BABYLONIAN LAW--The Code of Hammurabi.



Mesopotamia and its legacy of passionate, human-like goddesses and gods,
sacred kings and learned priestesses has been a wondrous gift, both life-
changing and an adventurous Quest for self-tanscendence and discoveries to me.
What moved me towards Mesopotamia almost by accident (although we know these
things do not really happen by chance, guided they are by the Inner Realms)
was the search for the passionate and assertive feminine that reflected a
sense of self in all worlds and at the same time interacted with the male of
the species with lots of love and laughter. Why so? Because the Divine
Feminine and Masculine are the two sides of the same coin, and One cannot be
separated or alienated from each other. I say that this Quest was almost by
accident because until a couple of years back my knowledge of Mesopotamia was
reduced to the Hanging Gardens and the Code of Hammurabi, i.e. I knew what
everyone knew, or almost nothing, of this fantastic civilisation.

For at least five years now I have read and worked deeply with Mesopotamian
mythology and religion. The study, nevertheless, was focused from the start,
because at that point I had already some training in High Magic, having been
initiated and ordained priestess of Inanna and later consecrated priestess
hierophant by two world class Celtic scholars and mystics, Caitlin and John
Matthews. I think the world, the stars and the universe of them, and could not
have asked the gods for more brilliant companions along the path.

Basically, as far as Mesopotamia is concerned, I started reading everything I
could find on Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian literature, culture and
history. Books were my first gateway, because about five years ago the
Internet was incipient, and they were the only sources available to me. I
can´t help smiling when I think that many times money was spent on books and
not on food for the body. At that time I was a student, very, very broke.
Enforced vow of poverty for modern initiates perhaps? The fact was that I
don´t regret having been so poor. I had Magick, my PhD and the Mysteries, so
felt very rich despite the very basic conditions I lived in for a time. I made
time to study Magick and practice it to the fullest at least for two hours a
day. This means that I started the day with magick, writing up furiously, and
finished the day with it as well, normally with very charged meditations. PhD
research was carried out in between, and nothing like a technical topic such
as Information Science to ground a novice in training!

Very intuitively first, although always with a strong basis of mythology,
comparative religion, history, Junguian Psychology and archaeology, I started
weaving the threads of High Magical Arts and Alchemy to retrieve the religious
legacy of Ancient Mesopotamia here and now. The technique I have always used
from the start in my magickal training is described by Junguian analyst Marie-
Louise von Franz as imaginatio vera, or true imagination. Medieval alchemists
used it, and it consists in living a myth by placing oneself on the shoes of
the most difficult character, in an attempt to heal the character and the myth
itself. I came to it intuitively as well, via the Tarot. Very simply, I said
to myself that I was going to "meet the High Beings of my Tarot pack and see
what They had to teach me". At that time I knew almost nothing of meditation,
visualisation, creative imagination etc., so all these age-old techniques came
to me very naturally. Today I am convinced this technique has a much older and
nobler tradition that go way back in time to the mystics of the olden days,
who in the course of many starry or moonless nights started wondering about
other befores and contacted the Everlasting Spirit for 10,000 answers and

In the last five years I have used this technique mostly to try and understand
the great myths of Ancient Mesopotamia. How do I work? Basically, by
attempting to heal the most difficut characters of a myth or by attempting to
solve the riddle contained in the sacred narrative one heals oneself too. It
is both a carefully researched and intuitive process, because it starts with
learning the text almost by heart, placing it in its historical context. This
means that one has to study the time and events that constitute the background
to the sacred story before learning the text almost by heart. Names, places,
their origins and connections should be carefully studied and understdood
first of all. The second and fundamental stage is to allow time for the mind
to establish the right connections, i.e. through meditation and visualisation
it is possible to dive into the essence of the myth so that the words become a
living force within to be manifested without. The imagery must be as much as
possible faithful to the context. Then it is just wait for the signs that do
manifest in real life. The healing, as I like to call it, occurs out of the
blue after some time, because it comes from deep insight. Many times it also
comes with tears. But wisdom is the smile beyond the tears, and I prefer to
know always, no matter how hard truth can be most of the times. I never know
who long it will take me to work with a myth. A month at least, but I have
practically lived with Gilgamesh for three months. Others, like Nanna and
Ningal, were quite easy to do: less than a week.

In this series of essays that follow, the myths of gods and goddesses of
Mesopotamia will be introduced as ancient mirrors of masculine and feminine
wholeness. Before I proceed, I would like to introduce the Junguian concept of
archetypes, or fundamental thought forms that are common to the whole
humankind, independent from time and space. We will see that Mesopotamian gods
and goddesses belong to the eternal, and that they show us views of femininity
and masculinity that are so vibrant and full of life that should be better
known and experienced. Why so?

Firstly, the Mesopotamians, our soul ancestors, have much to enlighten us
about our present and past. For those of you who may rightly wonder why do
these olden things matter to us, here and now, I ask: what is the future, but
the Divine Child of our Past, nurtured by our deeds of present days, here and
now and in all worlds we dare to fare? There is an unbroken thread of soul
connection linking us to the past, to the first DNA of Be-Coming, the Seed of
God/dess we carry within and share with all the living. But how can we connect
with these ancestors of our soul here? How can they be present and yet very
much gone from our time and space, how can they teach us turths of the olden
days which to us will seem sometimes fresh and new?

To better understand men and women of our past, it is important to listen to
their true voices, as they manifested in joy and sorrow, reflecting their
struggles and aspirations, deeds, imperfections and vibrant passions. Where to
go for such insights? To the sacred stories that moulded their times, to the
experience of the Divine they made their own for the specific moments of their
historical existence in time. Thus, I kindly invite you to have a look at the
gods and goddesses of Ancient Mesopotamia, the male and female models of
wholeness and holyness that reflected the summit of the human experience of
being man and woman in that region, space and time. For in Mesopotamia, gods
and goddesses were very human and yet divine, passionate and wise, foolish and
capable of great deeds, honourable acts and unbound courage which went beyond
the experience of death. For gods did die in Mesopotamia, and resurfaced to

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Brotherly hatred: The Baath parties of Syria and Iraq

DAMASCUS (AFP) — The Baath movement preaches the unity of the Arab world, but
the only two countries in which it has ever held power — Syria and
neighbouring Iraq — have never even managed to unite themselves.
The party, whose Arabic name means "resurrection," was founded in Damascus in
April 1947 by two schoolteachers educated in France. Michel Aflaq was an
Orthodox Christian and Selaheddin Bitar a Sunni Muslim.

In 1954, the party merged with the Arab Socialist Party of Akram Hurani and
adopted its current name, the Baath Arab Socialist Party.

Its slogan is "Unity, Liberty, Socialism."

In February 1963, the Iraqi branch of the party overthrew the country's
dictator, General Abdul Karim Kassem, in a coup d'etat.

Only a month later, a military junta seized power in Damascus from a weak
government that had emerged following an unsuccessful three-year merger with
Gamal Abdul Nasser's Egypt in what was known as the United Arab Republic.

By July, Syria's Baathists had weeded out any remaining pro-Egyptian elements
and taken firm control of power.

But though Baath regimes now governed both Syria and Iraq, the unification of
those countries was never to happen.

The Iraqis wanted unification of all "progressive" Arab states, while the
Syrians wanted less — a tripartite union of Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

In Syria, meanwhile, an internal battle raged between the military and
civilian elements of the party, the latter headed by Aflaq and Bitar. Between
1963 and 1970 there were a total of eight changes of leadership either in the
party or the government, with the civilian Baathists finally vanquished in

The Iraqi branch of the party also underwent a power struggle between moderate
and extremist elements. The extremists emerged as the dominant force as early
as 1963 but were eventually eclipsed the following year by moderate President
Abdul Salam Mohammad Aref. He formed a government of moderates, along with
army officers, independents and nonparty experts.

But by 1968, the Aref government, widely viewed as both inefficient and
corrupt, was toppled in a bloodless coup led by General Ahmad Hassan Al Bakr.

Over the years, there was continued talk of unifying the two countries, but
rivalries proliferated and, by 1975, the rupture between the two branches of
the party was complete.

Among other things there had been disagreement over sharing the water of the
Euphrates River, Syria aided Kurdish rebels in Iraq, Baghdad diverted its oil
flow to the southern port of Basra from pipelines through Syria to the
Mediterranean, Syrian agents were blamed for violence in the Iraqi Shiite holy
cities of Najaf and Karbala and Iraq criticised Syria for its intervention in
Lebanon's civil war.

In 1979, the Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel provided the
opportunity to find new common ground, but the two countries fell out over how
to oppose it. When President Saddam Hussein took power in Iraqi in July of
that year, the freeze was on again.

Meanwhile, the party's two founders had been condemned to death by Syria and
went into exile. Aflaq died in Paris in 1989, but was buried in Iraq where he
had lived for many years and which declared a state of mourning for him.

Bitar, who was assassinated in Paris nine years earlier, had said "in reality,
the Baath is no more, neither in Syria nor in Iraq."

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The merit of Faith and its reward, Branches of Faith ... Knowledge
Assemblies of teachers and learners, Passing on knowledge ...

Previous Nations
Beginning of Creation, Prophets ... Biography of the Prophet (Sirah)
The (Pre islamic Age), Good signs of the Prophet's mission ...

The virtues of the Quran, The merit of reciting Quran ... Morals and Manners
Morals, Good manners and public rights ...

Acts of worship
Purification, Ablution: Wudu ... Foods and Drinks
Drinks, Foods ...

Dress and Adornment
Dress, Adornment ... Personal status
Children, Marriage ...

Commutative contracts, Donations ... Rulings and Judgments
Sharie Legal administrator, Judgment decisions ...

Penalties, Apostasy ... Al-Jihad
The superiority of Jihad and moslem warriors (Mujahideen), Judgment concerning
Jihad ...

Top Stories

We’re Not a Rogue Nation, Says Syria
Arab News-Saudi Arabia (‏Tuesday, ‏April ‏15, ‏2003) DAMASCUS, 15 April 2003 — The
United States ratcheted up pressure on Syria yesterday by threatening
sanctions over charges that Damascus is harboring Iraqi leaders, developing
chemical weapons and supporting terrorism.

Baghdad Area Proud to Resist US Forces
Arab News-Saudi Arabia (‏Tuesday, ‏April ‏15, ‏2003) BAGHDAD, 15 April 2003 — More
than 20 “martyrs” are buried under the olive trees outside the Abu Hanifa
Mosque, the name of each slipped into Pepsi bottles stuck in the ground. The
Aadhamiyah neighborhood, resident

Anti-US protest in Baghdad
AlJazeera.Net (‏Tuesday, ‏April ‏15, ‏2003) A noisy crowd of Iraqis gathered
around Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel and raised anti-American slogans on Sunday,
signaling that the popular mood in the besieged capital was fast turning
against the US troops.

EU urges calm over US criticism of Syria
Times Of India (‏Tuesday, ‏April ‏15, ‏2003) LUXEMBOURG : Trying to prevent a
widening of the Iraq crisis, the European Union on Monday urged Washington to
show restraint in its criticism of Syria . "The region is going through a very

Opposition talks begin in Nasiriyah amid protests, boycott
AlBawaba (‏Tuesday, ‏April ‏15, ‏2003) Some 20,000 demonstrators converged on the
southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah to protest US-brokered talks aimed at
sketching out a post-Saddam Hussein administration.


US pushes towards central Tikrit
B.B.C-EngLish (‏Monday, ‏April ‏14, ‏2003) Bombing raids by American warplanes
have resumed over the town of Tikrit, as US marines fight remnants of the
Iraqi army in its last stronghold. The American military says 250 US armoured
vehicles the city on Sunday and

More Shock & Awe on the Way?
Palestine Chronicle-Palestine (‏Monday, ‏April ‏14, ‏2003) By Jonathan Freedland,
The Guardian LONDON - Have they got the message? Have Iraq’s neighbors
understood the lesson of Operation Iraqi Freedom? And if so, what exactly was
it? This is the


Bush=Saddam: Anti-U.S. Protestors In Iraq
Palestine Chronicle-Palestine (‏Monday, ‏April ‏14, ‏2003) "Several Iraqis had
accused the Anglo-American forces of instigating, or at the least encouraging
the looting and anarchy in the Iraqi capital and other major cities across
Iraq .."

Washington ups the ante against Syria
AlJazeera.net (‏Monday, ‏April ‏14, ‏2003) In an escalating confrontation of
words, the United States accused Syria Sunday of possessing chemical weapons,
charged its nationals had engaged US troops in combat in Baghdad, provided a
safe haven for fleeing Iraqi officials.


Tikrit leaders try in vain to sue for peace
AlJazeera.Net (‏Monday, ‏April ‏14, ‏2003) Attempts by tribal leaders in deposed
Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s home city of Tikrit to broker a ceasefire with
US forces appear to have failed.

Other News

Arafat 'opposes new cabinet'
Coalition failed to anticipatedisorder in post-Saddam Iraq
Syria issues strongest denial yet of US allegations
Leading Iraqi general surrenders to US forces
Russia, France, Germany push for UN role in Iraq
Pentagon Says 114 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq
US wants to destroy Iraq: Syria
UN Accuses UK, US Forces of Breaching Geneva Convention
UN Agencies Stress Dangers to Relief Efforts from Lawlessness in Iraq
Journalists' brothers sue PM
Chalabi speaks amid Allies infighting
10 bombing suspects escape from Yemeni prison
Northern Iraqis try to maintain order
Allied airstrikes target Saddam's half brother
Putin queries coalition's goals
Baghdad, Mosul and Basra suffer the joys of liberation
US troops heading for Mosul
Search for Saddam's ill-gotten gains picks up speed
Coalition makes key advances in northern Iraq
Northern Iraq cities falling


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Nabonidus Cylinder
I am Nabonidus, king of Babylon, patron of Esagila and Ezida, devotee of the
great gods. E-lugal-galga-sisa, the ziggurat of E-gish-nu-gal in Ur, which Ur-
Nammu, a former king, built but did not finish it (and) his son Shulgi
finished its building. On the inscriptions of Ur-Nammu and his son Shulgi I
read that Ur-Nammu built that ziggurat but did not finish it (and) his son
Shulgi finished its building.

Now that ziggurat had become old, and I undertook the construction of that
ziggurat on the foundations which Ur-Nammu and his son Shulgi built following
the original plan with bitumen and baked brick. I rebuilt it for Sin, the lord
of the gods of heaven and underworld, the god of gods, who lives in the great
heavens, the lord of E-gish-nu-gal in Ur, my lord.

Sin, lord of the gods, king of the gods of heaven and underworld, god of gods,
who lives in the great heavens, when you enter with joy into this temple may
the welfare of Esagila, Ezida and Egishshirgal, the temples of your great
divinity, be always on your lips. And let the fear of your great divinity be
in the heart of your people so that they will not sin against your great

This is thought to be Nabonidus. Let their [the temples] foundations be
established as the heavens. As for me, Nabonidus, king of Babylon, save me
from sin against your great divinity, and give me life until distant days. And
as for Belshazzar my firstborn son, my own child, let the fear of your great
divinity be in his heart, and may he commit no sin; may he enjoy happiness in


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War with Iraq


Posted on Thu, Apr. 10, 2003

Many citizens believe Saddam has mystical powers
By Sudarsan Raghavan
Mercury News

UMM QASR, Iraq - Ahmed Ali believes Saddam Hussein can never die. All his
life, the 23-year-old laborer has heard about the dictator's powerful stone.

Saddam, the story goes, had the stone made shortly after he came to power 24
years ago. Its powers were first tested inside a chicken. One of his soldiers
pulled out a gun and shot a bullet at point-blank range. The chicken's
feathers fell off, but it lived.

So the dictator implanted the stone in his upper arm.

As the curtain falls on Saddam's reign, many ordinary Iraqis are reluctant to
believe that their much-feared dictator has lost power, much less that he is
actually dead. Stories abound of Saddam's mystical powers that have helped him
elude assassination attempts and missile strikes.

``The stone makes him bulletproof,'' Ali, a slim man with a Saddam-style
mustache, said in a serious voice.

That belief, common throughout Iraq, presents uncommon challenges for U.S. and
British forces as they try to persuade Iraqis that Saddam is gone and will not
return. Without a body to display, it may be impossible to overcome the
mythical creation of a propaganda apparatus that was bent on showing he was a
worthy heir to a long line of Babylonian kings.

No word on fate

Wednesday, there was no word on Saddam's fate. U.S. officials have said they
believe he was in a building in Baghdad when it was bombed Monday afternoon.
British media reports quoted sources saying they believed Saddam had left the
building before the bombing. Ahmed Chalabi, an Iraqi exile leader who was
returned this week by U.S. forces to Iraq, told CNN that Saddam is in Baqubah,
northeast of Baghdad.

``People won't believe the regime has ended until they are certain Saddam is
dead,'' said Mohammad Nasar, a doctor at Basra Teaching Hospital. ``They need
to see his body.''

An intricate web of Baath party officials, spies and informants in even the
smallest village in Iraq created a feeling that Saddam is watching and
listening on every conversation. And his use of doubles who strikingly
resemble him has only perpetuated his mythical status, particularly among poor
illiterate villagers.

``Many average people here fear Saddam,'' said Ayat Jabar, 28, an Iraqi
soldier who deserted in the village of Shuaiba. ``He doesn't even have to be
here. They fear his ghost. Even now people are probably thinking he's watching
me while I talk to you.''

Reports that Saddam was killed in U.S. bombing attacks are lies to many.

``He has seven spirits. He doesn't die,'' said Adnan Mohammad Yousef, 32,
another army deserter.

Yousef told a story about Saddam's supernatural luck.

One of his elite Republican Guards tried to assassinate him at point-blank
range. But the trigger on his gun got stuck as he pointed it at Saddam. The
dictator grabbed the gun and said, ``This is how you do it.''

Then he killed the soldier.

``It's well-known that Saddam's mother is a magician,'' Yousef said.

Saad Abdel Rida, 19, has also heard about Saddam's stone. It's blue, he said,
and Saddam got it from a fortuneteller he visits often. Spirits from the
underworld talk to Saddam through the fortuneteller, informing him who's
planning to kill him, said Rida, a college student.

`He has the stone'

At a bus stand in Basra, Jasim Way, 54, doesn't believe the regime has ended --
even though he sees British troops and tanks on every corner of the city.

``He has the stone,'' said Way, wearing a red-and-white checkered Arab head
scarf. ``You shoot him and he doesn't die.''

Next to him Jawal Kazem, 60, laughed and said: ``Saddam makes these stories
up. He feels happy that these stories are out there. It's another way to hurt
the people. But it's all an illusion.''

Inside a crumbling apartment building a few miles away, Mohammad Sadek, 43, a
teacher, smiles. He, too, has heard the story of the stone. But he doesn't
believe it.

``People are very poor,'' he said. ``They'll believe anything.''

Then Sadek said something he would never have said publicly a few days ago:
Saddam intentionally creates this image of immortality to make Iraqis fear
him. Yet Sadek, too, finds it hard to believe that Saddam can be captured or

``I think he'll disappear like Osama bin Laden,'' he said.

Aboud Muttar, 60, a shepherd, knows Saddam is human. ``There's no one who has
seven lives,'' he said.

But Muttar, who has spent more than half his life under the power of the
Baathist regime, said it would take much convincing for him to believe Saddam
is dead.

``I won't believe it until I see it with my own eyes,'' he said.





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can´t you be a little more concrete???

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Gość portalu: andy napisał(a):

and what do you think about it?













▼ ▼ ...











































































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1.papiez na jedwabnej drodze do damaszku

2.w watykanie egzorcyzmy analnej omnipotencji

3.polska bastion zionizmu europejskiego


co to bylo z analnym onanizmem ???

Re: }specialForcesInSyriaCommandCentersDamascus IP: *.sll.se
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and what do you think about it?

Re: }InfoOdAndyNieLiniowyCzas IP: *.sll.se
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Lozko dolecialo i zostalo zainstalowane
Rzym czeka a takze Sorrento. Jakies tipsy??

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In the name of Allah
Most Compassionate, Most Merciful
Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim


A statement by Shaikh Ahmad Kuftaro, Grand Mufti of Syria and Head of the
Supreme Council of Fatwa, on the American, British and Zionist aggressive
campaign against the brotherly Iraqi people.

O free and honorable people of the world! Our nation is exposed to a new
chapter of aggressive campaigns and imperialistic projects whose objective is
to contain our nation’s civilization, culture, economy and religion. They are
waging this campaign under the umbrella of fragile pretexts and dazzlingly
false slogans not supported by reality, which belittle the minds of ordinary
people heedless of any international legitimacy.

This destructive, oppressive war is a crime against humanity and Divine laws.
It is in blatant defiance of international law, human conscience and world
opinion. It aims at blowing all the bridges of communication between East and
West and obliterating the spirit of tolerance, co-existence and human
fraternity. It threatens security, stability and world peace.

This atrocious war causes death and misery to hundreds of thousands of
innocent people. It destroys culture, civilization and ancient landmarks. It
deepens the feelings of hatred. It increases the incidence of violence at a
time when humanity is facing serious challenges in many vital fields.

O free and honorable people of the world! Humanity has suffered much from the
wailing, futile, destructive and aggressive wars of the previous century. Our
world does not need more wars, which are destructive to life and the
environment. Our world needs projects of relief, education, construction and
development to fight off poverty and illness.

It would have been better for the decision makers in this administration to
decide on peace and development as an alternative to destructive, aggressive
wars in which no one will be saved from their pain and grief. The cost of
these illegitimate wars is enough to solve many present human problems. We
draw your attention to the seriousness of these wars and imperialistic,
aggressive projects at the expense of security, stability and peace in the
Arab region, as well as the Islamic region and the world. They will cause
environmental and social collapse and will leave behind human ordeals, crises
and plights.It is high time that intelligent decision makers in the world knew
the importance of the respect for international law and the right of people to
freedom, self determination, and, a dignified and honorable life, and their
right to choose peace, development and the preservation of culture and
civilizational diversity.

It is high time that the Arab governments and people knew the importance of
coordination, common effort, solidarity and integration among them, and to
discard differences and malice and to make sacrifices in the national
interests when facing these challenges and the destructive, imperial, Zionist
projects, whose evils no one will be saved from.

It is high time that everyone knew that any shortcomings in fulfilling the
duties and responsibilities in supporting the causes of the one nation will
entice its greedy, ambitious enemies, waiting in the wings, to pounce on it
and destroy it when they like. Every individual of our nation must know that
our common responsibility is before Allah, history and generations. The very
success of the American, British and Zionist campaign will make our nation
face a new crisis that is not less than the Palestinian one. It will pave the
way for erecting an empire of despotism and coercion built on malicious,
racial and fundamentalist illusions and dreams. Therefore, I call for and
stress the following:

1. Resistance to the belligerent invaders is an obligation on each Muslim man
and woman, starting with the people of Iraq and then further afield, as the
need calls.

2. Muslims must use all possible means to repel the aggressors including
martyr operations.

3. Muslim all over the world must boycott American and British products and
those from coalition countries.

4. I call upon Muslims and all free citizens of the world to increase their
protests, demonstrations and strikes, to disrupt airports, harbors and other
facilities to nullify the war effort supporting this oppressive war to ensure
its defeat.

5. I call upon the governments that give aid and facilities against the
Muslims to stop immediately. They should know they are responsible before
Allah, history and mankind.

6. We value highly the stance of governments that have stood in the face of
this oppressive aggression, particularly France, Germany, Russia and the
Vatican. We appreciate and respect the courageous stance of all individuals
and peoples of the world at large who stand against this American, British and
Zionist aggression, particularly the people of the USA, Britain, Australia and
the West. We hold hands with them in solidarity and with peace-loving people
to build a civilized world, in which human rights are respected and in which
people live under the umbrella of the teachings of Heaven, which are love,
fraternity and cooperation instead of slaughter, destruction and aggression.

March 26, 2003

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The AbuNour Islamic Foundation mainly takes upon itself preparing students
of religious studies and teaching Muslims all over the world.
How great this mission will be, if those performing it have succeeded !
Large numbers of students have graduated from Abu Nour Islamic Foundation
and they are calling to Allah in most Syrian Provinces.

On the international level the AbuNour Islamic Foundation has done the

Imam & Khatib Courses
Holding qualifying courses for Imams, Orators and religious tutors for Non-
Arabic Speaking countries.
This unique activity has extremely served Muslims and the Islamic Call all
over the Islamic world.
The Institute of Islamic Call and Guidance have invited imams and religious
tutors who are performing the Islamic call activities in the countries of
Central Asia, Kafkasia, the independent countries that were under the ex
Soviet Union rule, China, Albania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Thailand,
Europe, US and Canada... all these propagandists were invited to attend
qualifying courses in order to enhance their Islamic and Arabic studies.

Global Islamic Institutes
Founding Islamic Institutes in various countries of the world:
It is not enough for the Foundation to spread the light of belief in the
Syrian Arab Republic; rather it is noticed that the need of the Muslim world
in particular and the world in general to the Islamic Call and knowledge is
very urgent and serious.
Therefore, they have founded institutes for Islamic and Arabic studies in
various places of the world, and have also sent tutors and propagandists with
syllabus and studying plans.
Some of these institutes are :
* The Institute of Imam Abu Hanifa - Jarkisk, Jarkisia Karjai Republic -
* The Institute of Al-Aqsa Mosque - Ishq Abad, Turkmania.
* Bidaet Al-Hidayah Al-Islamiah Institute - Jawa, Indonesia.
* Al-Ansar Al-Islamee Institute - Sumatra, Indonesia.
Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies - Lancaster LA, USA
* Al-Nour Institute for Teaching Islam and Arabic language - Baltimore, MA, USA
* Al-Nour Islamic Center - San Diago , CA, USA

Sending Muslim Missionaries Worldwide
Sending propagandists to the Islamic centers all over the world :
Besides these activities, the AbuNour Islamic Foundation has sent a group of
graduates of university studies to be imams and teachers in mosques,
institutes and Islamic centers worldwide.


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Email: may@balcab.ch
URL: www.aleppo.ch

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Syrian Cabinet
Cabinet of Ministers (Includes Ministries of state and of State for Cabinet
and Services Affairs)
Shahbandar Street
Tel 222600 /2221000/ 2110212

Ministry of the Interior
Al Bahsah Street
Tel. 2238682/ 2238683
Fax 2246921

Ministry of Housing and Utilities
Al-Salheyeh, Yousef Azmeh Square
Tel: 3722552/ 2217571/ 2217572/ 3722552
Fax 2217570

Ministry of Information
Mezzeh Autostrad, Dar al Ba’th Building
Tel 6664600/ 6664601
Fax 6620052

Ministry of Economy and Foreign
Maysaloun Street
Tel2213514/ 2213515
Fax. 2225695

Ministry of Construction and Building
Sa’dallah al-Jaberi Street in Front of the Mail Center
Tel. 2223595/ 2227966/ 2223196/ 2223597

Ministry of Al Awkaf
Tel: 4419079/ 4419080
Fax. 419969

Ministry of Education
Al Mazraa,
Al Shahbandar Square
Tel: 4444703/4/2/ 4444800
Fax. 4420435

Ministry of Higher Education
Al Rawda, Kasem Amin Avenue
Tel. 3330700/1/2/3
Fax. 3337719

Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade
Al Salheyeh
Tel. 2219044/ 2219241
Fax. 2219803

Ministry of Culture
Al Rawda, George
Haddad Street
Tel: 3331556/ 3338633/ 338600
Fax 3320804

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Muhajereen, Shora Avenue
Tel. 3331200/4/ 3337200
Fax. 3320686

Ministry of the Interior
Al Shuhadaa Square
Tel. 2211001/ 2219401

Ministry of Defense
Omayad Square
Tel. 7770700/ 880980/ 3710980/ 3720936

Ministry of Environment
Al Salheyeh
Tel. 2222600/1/2/3/4
Fax. 3335645

Ministry of Irrigation
Fardoss Street
Tel. 2212741/ 2221400
Fax. 3320691

Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian
Reform Sa’dallah Al Jaberi Street
Tel. 2213613/ 2222513
Fax. 2244078/ 2244023

Ministry of Tourism
Kwatli Street, Barada bank
Tel. 2210122/ 2237940
Fax. 2242636

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour
Al Salheyeh, Yousef Azmeh Square
Tel. 2210355/ 2225948

Ministry of Health
Parliement Street
Tel. 3339600/1/2
Fax. 2223085

Ministry of Industry
Maysaloun Street
Tel. 2231834
Fax. 2231096

Ministry of Justic
Eal-Nasre Street
Tel. 2214105/ 220302
Fax. 2246250

Ministry of Electricity
Kwatli Street
Tel. 2223086/ 2229654

Ministry of Finance
Al Sabee Bahrat Square, Baghdad Street.
Tel. 2219600/1/2/3
Fax. 2224701

Ministry of Communications
Al Salheyeh
Tel. 2227033/34
Fax. 2246403

Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources
Adawi, Insha’at
Tel. 4445610/ 4451624
Fax 4457786

Ministry of Transport
Al Jalaa Street
Tel. 3336801/2/3
Fax. 3323317

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Constitution Of The Syrian Arab Republic

Part One: Fundamental Principles ‏

Chapter 1: Political Principles ‏

Article No. /1/: ‏

1. The Syrian Arab Republic is a democratic people`s state, sovereign and
socialist. No part of its territory may be ceded. It is a member of the
Federation of Arab Republics. ‏

2. The Syrian Arab Region is part of the Arab Homeland. ‏

3. The people of the Syrian Arab Region are part of the Arab Nation, who work
and struggle to achieve all-embracing unity. ‏

Article No. /2/: ‏

1. The system of government of the Syrian Arab Region is republican. ‏

2. Sovereignty belongs to the people, and shall be exercised by them in the
manner defined by the Constitution. ‏

Article No. /3/: ‏

1. Islam is the religion of the President of the Republic. ‏

2. Islamic Jurisprudence is a principal source of legislation. ‏

Article No. /4/: ‏

Arabic is the official language. ‏

Article No. /5/: ‏

Damascus is the capital of the State. ‏

Article No. /6/: ‏

The flag, emblem and anthem of the republic and provisions related to each one
of them as being amended by virtue of Law No. /2/ dated 29.03.1980. ‏

Article No. /7/: ‏

The constitutional oath of office shall be as follows: ‏

“I swear by Almighty God, loyally to safeguard the people`s republican and
democratic regime, to respect the laws and the Constitution, to watch over the
interests of the people and the security of the Homeland, and to work and
struggle to achieve the aim of the Arab Nation, of Unity, Liberty and
Socialism". ‏

Article No. /8/: ‏

The Baath Arab Socialist Party shall be the leader party in society and the
Republic and shall lead a National Progressive Front that works to unite the
capacities of the masses of the people to serve the interests of the Arab
Nation. ‏

Article No. /9/: ‏

The people`s organizations and cooperative societies are institutions
embodying the active forces of the people, with the aim of developing society
and serving the interests of their members. ‏

Article No. /10/: ‏

Councils of the People are democratically elected institutions through which
citizens exercise their rights of administering the Republic and directing
society. ‏

Article No. /11/: ‏

The armed forces and other defense organizations are responsible for the
security of the Homeland and the safeguarding of the aims of the Revolution of
Unity, Liberty and Socialism. ‏

Article No. /12/: ‏

The State shall serve the people, and its institutions shall endeavor to
safeguard the fundamental rights of the citizens and develop their lives. They
also shall give support to the people`s organizations to enable them to
develop themselves by themselves. ‏

Top of this page ‏

Chapter II: Economic Principles ‏

Article No. /13/: ‏

1. The economy of the republic shall be socialist and planned for the purpose
of abolishing all forms of exploitation. ‏

2. Economic planning in Syria shall take into consideration the objective of
realizing the economic integration of the Arab Homeland. ‏

Article No. /14/: ‏

The law shall organize property, which is of three kinds: ‏

1. People`s property: This shall include natural resources, public services,
and the establishments and institutions which are nationalized, or created,
operated and supervised by the State in the interest of the people. These
shall be protected by citizens. ‏

2. Collective property: This includes property owned by popular and
professional organizations, by production units, and cooperative Societies and
other social establishments. The law shall ensure protection and support for
such property. ‏

3. Private property: includes property owned by individuals. The law shall
define its social role in the service of national economy and within the
development plan. Its manner of utilization shall not be directed against the
interests of the people. ‏

Article No. /15/: ‏

1. Private property shall not be expropriated except for a public benefit and
against a fair compensation according the law. ‏

2. General confiscation of property shall be prohibited. ‏

3. Special confiscation may not be imposed except by a judicial decision ‏

4. Private confiscation may be imposed through a provision of the law and
against a fair compensation. ‏

Article No. /16/: ‏

The law shall fix maximum limits for agrarian ownership, in a manner ensuring
the protection of peasants and agricultural workers against exploitation and
guaranteeing increased production. ‏

Article No. /17/: ‏

The right of inheritance shall be guaranteed in accordance with the law. ‏

Article No. /18/: ‏

"Saving" is a national duty, protected, encouraged and regulated by the State. ‏

Article No. /19/: ‏

Taxes shall be imposed on just and progressive bases and in accordance with
principles of equality and social justice. ‏

Article No. /20/: ‏

The utilization of private and "mixed" economic enterprise shall aim to meet
economic needs, to increase the national income and to ensure the welfare of
the people. ‏

Top of this page ‏

Chapter III-Principles of Education and Culture ‏

Article No. /21/: ‏

The educational and cultural system shall aim to bring up a national Arab
generation, who are socialist and scientific in their manner of thinking,
attached to their land and history, proud of their heritage, and Imbued with
the spirit of struggling to realize the aims of the nation of Unity, Liberty
and Socialism, and of contributing to the service and progress of humanity. ‏

Article No. /22/: ‏

The educational system shall ensure the continued progress of the people and
shall meet the needs of their continued social, economic and cultural
development. ‏

Article No. /23/: ‏

1. The national socialist culture shall be the basis of building up the
unified socialist Arab society. It shall aim at enhancing moral values,
realizing the ideals of the Arab Nation, developing society, and serving human
cases the State shall encourage and protect this culture. ‏

2. Encouraging artistic talents and capacities are the basis of society
development and progress. ‏

Artistic creation shall maintain contact with the life of the people. The
state shall endeavor to develop the artistic talents and propensities of all
citizens. ‏

3. Physical education is a basic factor in building up society. It shall be
encouraged by the State in order to bring up a generation, strong in body,
character and thought. ‏

Article No. /24/: ‏

1. Science, scientific research and all scientific achievements constitute a
main prop for the progress of Arab socialist society. The State shall give it
full support. ‏

2. The state shall protect the rights of writers and innovators that serve
people’s interests. ‏

Top of this page ‏

Chapter IV: Freedoms: Public Rights and Obligations ‏

Article No. /25/: ‏

1. Freedom is a sacred right. The state shall guarantee the personal freedom
of citizens and safeguard their dignity and securit

Mofaz: Israel to deliver list of demands to Syria through the US
14-04-2003, 12:37


Israel intends to deliver a list of demands to Syria through the United
States, including ousting Hizbullah fighters from southern Lebanon and
expelling Palestinian groups from Damascus, Israel's defense minister said in
remarks published Monday.

Israel sees an opportunity to remove the potential Syrian threat from its
borders, Mofaz said in an interview, excerpts of which were published Monday
in the Tel Aviv-based Maariv daily.

"We have a long list of issues we are thinking of demanding of the Syrians,
and it would be best done through the Americans," Mofaz told the newspaper.

Mofaz added Israel wants Hizbullah weapons and rockets removed from southern
Lebanon and the group dismantled. Israel will demand an end to Iranian aid to
the resistance group, which reaches Hizbullah through Syrian ports, he added.

Israel will also demand that Syria stop harboring the Palestinian groups,
Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which Mofaz said have "command centers" in Damascus
from which they send orders and money to activists in the Palestinian

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