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Jak na Naziste Telus ma zupelnie inne problemy...

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Astronauts, like everyone else, carry microbes with them wherever they go.
There are 1014 in the colon, trillions more on your hands, and in your mouth.
The math is simple: Microbes outnumber people, in space and on Earth, by a
staggering factor.

In fact, says Cheryl Nickerson of Tulane University Health Sciences
Center, "there are more bacterial cells in your body than human cells."

Many are beneficial. Some of the bacteria in our stomachs, for instance,
produce vitamin K needed for the proper clotting of blood. Others help digest
food. Even pathogens, in moderation, lend a hand by stimulating the immune
system. In short: people need bugs.


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Zabraklo ci tabletek?
patience 24.02.04, 15:38 zarchiwizowany

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Zwykle wszyscy ludzie uwazaja sie za najzupelniej normalnych, nawet najwieksze
czuby:) Telus jest o tyle nietypowy, ze nie emituje swojej agresji w powietrze,
a skupia ja na konkretnej, jednej osobie. Forum to forum, nic z tego nie
wynika, ale jesli to samo robi w realu, to chyba moze byc i bardzo chory, i
Zostawilam ci smakolyka:)

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telus NIE zartuje..;(
atak na czyjes zycie chocby tylko
jako grozba morderstwa..daje
wiele do myslenia
dal termin
trzeba sie zastanowic helga co z...tym faNtem zrobic...
a moze on jest ZUPELNIE normalny ? w swoich oczach...a tylko my jestesmy
zostaw w zupie troche smakolykow i nie UTAJNIAj za bardzo bo server dostaje
dezynterii a katalogi dla katolikow zasadzki dla zawackich idish dla idiotow...

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patience 24.02.04, 03:25 zarchiwizowany

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TheInternational CourtofJustice inTheHague -2h ago IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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Israel's Barrier Goes Before World Court


Palestinians presented an impassioned case to the world court today against the
Israel’s ‘Berlin Wall’ in the West Bank, while Israel appealed to world opinion
to ignore the proceedings it called inherently unfair.

The International Court of Justice in The Hague began three days of hearings on
the legality of the barrier slicing through Palestinian territory, bringing
Israel’s occupation policies before an international tribunal for the first

Underscoring the urgency, the hearing came a day after a Palestinian suicide
bomber killed eight Israelis and wounded dozens on a Jerusalem bus. The Al Aqsa
Martyrs’ Brigade, an armed group with ties to Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement,
claimed responsibility.

Israel said the attack showed the need for the barrier, designed to impede
terrorism. But the Palestinians argued that the structure only fuelled the
resentment that inspires suicide bombers.

The General Assembly asked the UN’s highest judicial body to give a non-binding
advisory opinion on the legality of the network of walls, razor-wire fences and
electronic monitors, now one-third completed. It will be 450 miles long

Though the court cannot demand action, the Palestinians hoped for a clear-cut
judgment that would build irresistible pressure on Israel to dismantle the
barrier, which is disrupting the lives of hundreds of thousands of West Bank

Under international pressure, Israel has begun making minor changes in the
route of the barrier to reduce its impact on Palestinians and promised further
changes. Israel has made it clear, however, it would not be swayed from action
it deems necessary to protect its citizens.

“This wall is not about security. It is about entrenching the occupation and
the de facto annexation of large areas of the Palestinian land,” the chief
Palestinian delegate, Nasser Al-Kidwa, told the tribunal.

Israel, the United States and the European countries stayed away from the oral
hearings to underscore their distrust of the process.

“We don’t want to give legitimacy to the proceedings,” said Israeli legal
adviser Daniel Taub.

As the arguments unfolded in the oak-panelled Grand Hall of Justice of the 90-
year-old Peace Palace, it became apparent that the Palestinians hoped to put
Israel’s 37 year occupation – not just its security measures – on trial.

The construction of the barrier “confirms the attitude of the occupying power.
They want to annex territories, to partition, divide the territory and make it
difficult for the people to live there,” Amr Moussa, head of the Arab League,
said on the fringes of the hearing.

In its written submission, Israel said the General Assembly referral to the
court is “absolutely silent” on the issue of violence. “It is a travesty and
reflects a great prejudice and imbalance within the requesting organ.”

Outside the baroque Peace Palace, Israelis bearing photographs of relatives who
died in suicide bombings clustered around the shell of a Jerusalem bus
destroyed three weeks ago by a bomber who killed 11 people.

Later, more than 1,000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched from the Dutch
parliament to the seat of the court, chanting and carrying photographs of
Palestinian children killed by Israeli soldiers.

Similar demonstrations were held across the Arab world.

Like Israel, the United States argued in a written brief that the court could
inadvertently undermine the road map peace process and urged the 15 judges to
refrain from taking a stand.

Speaking for the Palestinians, eminent Arab and international advocates gave a
three hour presentation to the 15 judges – garbed in formal black robes and
seated behind a long raised table – of the legal and human arguments against
the barrier.

An additional 14 countries and organisations were to follow, all of them
sympathetic to the Palestinian argument.

Vaughan Lowe, an Oxford law professor, said Israel was violating international
law by seizing land, destroying property, and changing the status of the
occupied territories.

Israel “cannot cast off all legal and moral constraints simply by calling it
security,” said the British jurist.

In the West Bank town of Ramallah, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat urged
Palestinians today to “make their voices heard” against Israel’s separation

“This is another Berlin Wall,” Arafat said. “Peace will not be achieved between
the two peoples and in the entire region in the presence of the wall of
annexation, expansion and apartheid.”

While the court listened to legalistic contentions inside, human tragedies and
hardships were the subject of the demonstrations outside.

“My house is on one side of the wall, my family and husband are on the other,”
said elementary school teacher Terry Boullata from the Arab side of Jerusalem.

Since the barrier was constructed near her family’s home in Jerusalem, she has
been cut off from the school that she owns in a nearby West Bank neighbourhood.

“Instead of taking two minutes, it takes 30 minutes and I have to go through a
checkpoint,” she said while marching. Her Palestinian husband now breaks the
law when he stays the night with his wife in the Israeli capital because he has
a 12-hour daytime work permit, she said.

Tonight, the head of the Arab League threw an olive bran to Israel.

Amr Moussa said the Arab world is ready to make peace with Israel if it meets
its obligations, such as abandoning the separation barrier.

He reiterated a Saudi-backed plan approved by his organisation in 2002 calling
for a comprehensive peace with Israel.

Saudi officials have recently indicated that they would try to revive the plan
at an forthcoming summit of the 22 member Arab League.

“We are ready to live in peace in the Middle East with the state of Israel
provided that the state of Israel will respect its obligations,” Moussa said in
The Hague.


KarzelkiKantoweWzupieQdrForUm*Qqosci Z WC qQ IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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podTEXT miedzyTeXt NADtext PREtext

id;sh id:io:tish : KarzelkiKantoweWzupieQdrForUm*Qqosci Z WC qQ

Karzelki Kantowe drForUm*Qqosci Z WC qQ IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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do wody

TuwimZawacki IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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PACJENT: Dzień dobry pan doktór!

Doktor: Dzień dobry. Pańskie nazwisko?

PACJENT: Wiesenkopf Maurycy!

Doktor: Lat?

PACJENT: Czterdzieści i czy - do sto dwadzieścia!

Doktor: Kupiec?


Doktor: My tylko tak, dla statystyki!

PACJENT: To panów jest kilka szuk?

Doktor: My - to znaczy lekarze.

PACJENT: Wiem, wiem, dzięki, broń Boże, mało ja się naleczyłem...

Doktor: Więc co pana jest?

PACJENT: Zebym ja wiedziałem, to bym do pana nie przychodziłem!

Doktor: Rozbieraj sie pan!

PACJENT: Codziennie sie rozbieram - nic nie pomaga!

Doktor: Pan zonaty?

PACJENT: Szalenie!

Doktor: Dzieci pan masz?

PACJENT: Czy (trzy) i o więcy nie ma mowy!

Doktor: Dlaczego?

PACJENT: Sie boje ryzykować, czytałem statystykie, co czecie dziecko sie
rodzi chińczyk.

Doktor: Boli pana co?


Doktor: Apetyt pan ma?

PACJENT: I co z tego! jem, jem, jem i widzisz pan jaki rezultat - oddaje!

Doktor: Sypiasz pan dobrze?

PACJENT: W dzień zupełnie nie mogie!

Doktor: A w nocy?

PACJENT: Kto w nocy nie spi? Ale wisz pan, strasznie chrapie i sie budze, teraz
mam nowy sposób, sypiam w pokoju obok - nic nie słysze!

Doktor: Prosze pana... zebym ja bym byłem takim zdrów jak pan!

PACJENT: Co pana doktora jest?!

Doktor: Serduszko!

PACJENT: Za twarde?

Doktor: Za mietkie.

PACJENT:Dłużej gotować!

Doktor:Błyskotanie przystawek.

PACJENT: Z przystawek tylko szledż! Miewasz pan zgage?

Doktor: Zamęcza mie!

PACJENT: Glupstwo! Utarte surowe jabluszko codziennie przed na czczo. Stań pan
mnie tyłem. Oddychaj pan! Nie oddychaj! Oddychaj pan! Uuuu, są szmerki!
się pan! Uuu, prawy szczycik troszeczkie zajety, na miłośc boską rzuć pan
papierosy i ani kieliszka wódki! Sypiasz pan dobrze?

Doktor: Mało i niedobrze.

PACJENT: Radze pana "Chrapoline" - jeden proszeczek co wieczoreczek.
Apetyt pan masz?

Doktor: Szredni.

PACJENT: Kropnij pan sobie pół szklaneczki czystej przed jedzeniem!

Doktor: Jak to, przecież pan powiedziałeś, żeby ani kieliszka?

PACJENT: Co innego kieliszek, co innego szklaneczka! I przyjdż pan za
czy tygodnie!

Doktor: Dokąd?

PACJENT: Do mnie! Smocza sześ, mieszkania cztery. Przyjmuje od piatej do
a pieniądze przez cały dzień. Zastukasz pan nogą!

Doktor: Dlaczego nogą?!

PACJENT: Bo ręce będziesz miał pan pełne prezentów!

Wykonanie DUDEK Michnikowski i Dziewoński, tekst Julian Tuwim

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[...] IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
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Wiadomość została usunięta ze względu na złamanie prawa lub regulaminu.

Na moj nos to ty sie brzydzisz sam soba
patience 23.02.04, 00:37 zarchiwizowany

...tylko nie wiem czemu? Po co tak się karzesz?

Re: UWAGA NadChODZI !!!!
patience 23.02.04, 00:26 zarchiwizowany

Gość portalu: @ napisał(a):

> Gdybym byl Hamasem to wysadzilbym sie w przedszkolu

Chyba sie zle poczules, Telusiu? Zatroskałam się.


Re: UWAGA NadChODZI !!!! IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
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Gdybym byl Hamasem to wysadzilbym sie w przedszkolu

UWAGA NadChODZI !!!! IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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momenT krystalizacjI mataeriijPrimA...tja
vvLFrncDcrtVoltrMntngj.../zaklecia kabalistyczneNostroIDalnew 3D1sic!/


[...] IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
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Wiadomość została usunięta ze względu na złamanie prawa lub regulaminu.

}_IQ_mathRe:XdeMAgogICA*PR*ZStRZN*ZaWiCKA*Telus IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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Model3DForum IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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materia i antymateria

bedzie bum baaaara buuuuuuum



telus lubi te moralne przyrodzenia ;)))

Re: Zawadzki na mydle ?
patience 22.02.04, 20:47 zarchiwizowany

Gość portalu: justitia napisał(a):

> ale jezeli on zaatakuje zawadzkiego jako zoologiczny antysemita
> i przerobi na mydlo co i na to marcin powie czy scan cala admokracja
> diasporna ?

Oni wlasnie teraz sa pogubieni i zaklopotani. Wszechswiat mial byc parzysty, a
tu Zawadzki wygladal na pojedynczego. Jesli zaatakuje Zawadzkiego, to bedzie
chyba anihilacja?


Zawadzki na mydle ? IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: justitia 22.02.04, 20:36 zarchiwizowany

ale jezeli on zaatakuje zawadzkiego jako zoologiczny antysemita
i przerobi na mydlo co i na to marcin powie czy scan cala admokracja
diasporna ?

Gość portalu: drf napisał(a):

Chyba tak. Chyba sie poczul urazony, ze go tak zostawilismy. Z Zawadzkim byloby
mu lepiej:)


Re: Telus. Az tak jestes zazdrosny o Zawadzkiego? IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: drf 22.02.04, 20:19 zarchiwizowany

to dzielny wojownik i calkiem oszolomiony
i chcialby miec uwage cAlej publiki...
zna histerie tego forum a jozio... tiu tju
fjolka plec zmienia nawet tego nie zauwazyla
trzeba ich poznac z soba....;)))

Mowilam przeciez, ze przegrales konkurencje z kretesem. Powinienes teraz
uscisnac reke zwycieskiemu Zawadzkiemu i sie pogodzic z losem.

exponant zoologicznego antysemityzmu ...
w muzeum histerii swiata...
zoologiczny semita

dedjus napisała:

> brawo

na zydow szweckich tez przyjdzie kolej.
Co sie odwlecze to nie uciecze


alef1 22.02.04, 17:39 zarchiwizowany


Re: Do Patience
patience 22.02.04, 16:14 zarchiwizowany

jenisiej napisał:

> pozdro, i czekam na znak;)
> z logowaniem bylo ok. po prostu lepiej sie poczuje jak nie bede z tej
skrzynki korzystac. Juz raz 'goscilam' Slimaka, pamietasz? wlamal sie do mnie i
do Galby i sie jeszcze tym chwalil. Tym razem siedzialam w skrzynce i widzialam
jak mi poczta znika do 0. Rzeczywiscie, nie ma co szalec, tu masz moj adres
forumowy: patience@go2.pl ;)


Re: Do Patience
jenisiej 22.02.04, 15:50 zarchiwizowany

jenisiej napisał:

> Zostawiłem tam tylko "założyciela" i ms.helga.

Dopisałem patience po sprawdzeniu, że nie wysyła maila. Zawiesiłem
post do Ciebie. Dopisałem się na FA do Twojego nocnego wątku.

A może Cię po prostu wylogowywało? (Uff, co za słowo!). Zajrzyj na FoF -
mnóstwo ludzi się skarży na problemy z logowaniem.

> Nie panikuj!

No właśnie, nie wpadaj w paranoję.

pozdro, i czekam na znak;)

Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk.
Chinese proverb

Re: kontrola de dj usa
jenisiej 22.02.04, 15:43 zarchiwizowany

alef1 napisał:

> pan jeni zawezwany jako expert specjalny
> ----------------------------------------



Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk.
Chinese proverb

***************************************** IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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Do Patience
jenisiej 22.02.04, 11:01 zarchiwizowany

Pamiętasz takie małe forum, gdzie się kiedyś krótko spotykaliśmy?
(Nie Twoje PA). Ono istnieje, powinnaś znaleźć. Możesz tam wejść
jako ms.helga, albo zgłoś się jako patience (ale wtedy automatycznie
dostaniesz mail potwierdzający przyjęcie), albo załóż nowe konto
i zgłoś się, podając dla identyfikacji fragment mojego maila do
Ciebie pt. "Outlook". Daj mi tu znać, żebym nie musiał tam biegać
i sprawdzać bez przerwy. Myślę, że tam moglibyśmy spokojnie omówić
Twoje problemy techniczne.
Zostawiłem tam tylko "założyciela" i ms.helga.
Nie panikuj!


Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk.
Chinese proverb

:-)dz teesswiniwny jat t :-)
alef1 21.02.04, 23:27 zarchiwizowany

random assoc
tiMe v:d

alef1 21.02.04, 23:23 zarchiwizowany


kontrola de dj usa
alef1 21.02.04, 23:07 zarchiwizowany

pan jeni zawezwany jako expert specjalny

w procesie przeciwko dedjusowi IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: Justitia 21.02.04, 22:49 zarchiwizowany

wszeto sledztwo...

info dla: scana jeni cesa helgi jozka
polecenie dla giwi : ip ,interPol

koniec informacji
dedjus: it'real !

WPADLES;) IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: SAD 21.02.04, 22:36 zarchiwizowany

jestes w sieci ...

KUPIC ? IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: "|||" 21.02.04, 21:45 zarchiwizowany

The Bat

SAME ? IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: * 21.02.04, 21:39 zarchiwizowany


ZDECYDOWANIE ? IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: . 21.02.04, 20:52 zarchiwizowany

informacje specjalne
wysylaj na titta@chello.se

H:.:|V|.:.R IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: *©*©* * 21.02.04, 18:43 zarchiwizowany

Waves crashing on a beach. Woodpeckers peck-peck pecking. Whales calling
plaintively across the sea.

These are the sounds of Jupiter.


(reMIS) IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: JOZEK 21.02.04, 03:06 zarchiwizowany

dedjus_inbeysmnt 3Ci3D-: hi_men• Re: miss--}3Ci3D : -


helga co to oZnacza w Twojej TeOrii ?

co na to ces?
Mosad i MoCzar ?


: --------------------}3Ci3D{------------------: IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: hi_men 21.02.04, 02:21 zarchiwizowany


2DAY ?
good_morning !-)

--------------------}3Ci3D{------------------ IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: <©> 21.02.04, 01:52 zarchiwizowany


No niestety. Byles szybszy:)

}_IQ_mathRe:XdeMAgogICA*PR*ZStRZN*ZaWiCKA!!! IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: s137ID 20.02.04, 22:18 zarchiwizowany



Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk.
Chinese proverb

Re: :-:__:.:__:::__.:.__:. IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: drf 20.02.04, 19:25 zarchiwizowany

Gość portalu: .:. napisał(a):

> :-:__:.:__:::__.:.__:.
> .:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:.
> :
> ..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:
> .
> :..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..
> .
> .:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:.
> :
> ..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:
> .
> :..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..
> .
> .:..:..




patience 20.02.04, 17:52 zarchiwizowany

i to bylo na SZAbes ? IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: reBe666 20.02.04, 16:09 zarchiwizowany

a gdzie BLOgoSLAWIEnstWA ?

Brahe odwalaj jak TRZRZEBA !!!

czegom cie od lat ucze ???

POkoRY !!!

Ty na wieki zostaniesz MOIM


NieCH Bedzie PochwalONy !!!

zaraz zapadnie zmrok...

lepszy jestes niz zawadzki...

INFO od PRAWDZIWEGO JOZEFA/identyFicja IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: drf 20.02.04, 16:00 zarchiwizowany

dla PraWdziwEGO

obrazek taki sobie... IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: drf 20.02.04, 14:22 zarchiwizowany












































































zawadzki jest nauczyciel
a ty masz wlasna firme

moze sobie po imieniu powiemy...?
jak wrog do wroga ;)


CA NADA HOW R U ??? IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: drf 20.02.04, 13:25 zarchiwizowany

helga cie lubi
ludzie sa rozni
zawadzki jest polRoku
a TY misiu jestes od niego
starszy i powazniejszy
z michnikiem nie zadzierasz
tylko jestes SOBA

to nie jest konkurs
z nagrodami
prawda ?

zawadzki jaroslawianin
a ty z queBecku ?

patience 20.02.04, 13:14 zarchiwizowany


patience 20.02.04, 09:43 zarchiwizowany

Gość portalu: 666 napisał(a):


... piwo w skrzynce.


************************************************** IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: .:. 20.02.04, 00:59 zarchiwizowany

drf 20.02.04, 00:30 zarchiwizowany

Re: Zaproszenie
patience 20.02.04, 00:03 zarchiwizowany

Gość portalu: drf napisał(a):

> On February 19, 2004 at 8:05 am, cierpliwosc wrote:
> ;)))
> (((D-: W pas :-D)))

calusek na dobranoc:)))))))))))

Re: Zaproszenie IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: drf 19.02.04, 23:59 zarchiwizowany

On February 19, 2004 at 8:05 am, cierpliwosc wrote:


(((D-: W pas :-D)))

Re: Zaproszenie
patience 19.02.04, 23:22 zarchiwizowany

Re: Zaproszenie IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: drf 19.02.04, 23:11 zarchiwizowany

przeslij na link specjalny


jakas rewelacja ?

I AM IS*REALIST IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: *RAEL 19.02.04, 23:02 zarchiwizowany


LIFE ISRAEL LIFE IS*REAL IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: IMU 19.02.04, 20:27 zarchiwizowany


patience 19.02.04, 17:49 zarchiwizowany

dla drf jest w skrzyneczce.

Zalecam waleriane najpierw, hihiiiiiiii.


ok... IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
Gość: drf 19.02.04, 17:46 zarchiwizowany

w koncu doszlismy do celu...

ide teraz na przechadzke...

do uslyszenia


Amerykanie moga pocalowc mnie w pupe IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
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Amerykanie moga cie potraktowac na serio ..;( IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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z drugiej strony podziwiam twoja odwage cywilna
determinacje w walce i wytwalosc
mimo iz jestes moim wrogiem



Wdziek i Podziekowanie dla bohaterow Hamas IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
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Lękasz się więc że TEN SZTORM zakończy NASZE IP: *.cm-upc.chello.se
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Gość portalu: FRIEND OF HAMAS napisał(a):

> po sztormie zydy beda sie swiecic jak lampki na choince
Lękasz się więc że TEN SZTORM zakończy NASZE życie .
Twoje i Moje i TO FORUM ...?

Ja tez sie tego obawiam...

Nie mozna sie ciagle czegos bac , trzeba miec tez jakies pozytywne mozliwosci..
Dla rownowagi...Nieprawda ?

Gość: F HAMAS 19.02.04, 16:29 zarchiwizowany

po sztormie zydy beda sie swiecic jak lampki na choince

Re: Telus : info Tylko dla Ciebie...
patience 19.02.04, 13:48 zarchiwizowany

Gość portalu: misio peesio napisał(a):

> patience napisała:
> > Gość portalu: PILES napisał(a):
> >
> > > sorry, linkow nigdy nie otwieram.
> > >
> > Otworzysz. It takes time
> ---------------------------------
> nie otwieram nigdy linkow do multimedia.NIGDY.
> inne linki, owszem , czasami, ale bardzo rzadko, i jesli juz to tylko od osob
> ktorym ufam. a wam swinskie ryje nie musze chyba mowic co o was mysle.

Przynajmniej bys nie wybrzydzal.

Re: Telus : info Tylko dla Ciebie... IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
Gość: esio 19.02.04, 09:51 zarchiwizowany

patience napisała:

> Gość portalu: PILES napisał(a):
> > sorry, linkow nigdy nie otwieram.
> >
> Otworzysz. It takes time

nie otwieram nigdy linkow do multimedia.NIGDY.

inne linki, owszem , czasami, ale bardzo rzadko, i jesli juz to tylko od osob
ktorym ufam. a wam swinskie ryje nie musze chyba mowic co o was mysle.


Re: Telus : info Tylko dla Ciebie...
patience 19.02.04, 09:46 zarchiwizowany

Gość portalu: PILES napisał(a):

> sorry, linkow nigdy nie otwieram.
Otworzysz. It takes time.


__________LONG LIVE HAMAS_____________ IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
Gość: E HAMAS 19.02.04, 09:43 zarchiwizowany

Re: Telus : info Tylko dla Ciebie... IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
Gość: PILES 19.02.04, 09:39 zarchiwizowany

sorry, linkow nigdy nie otwieram.

Telus : info Tylko dla Ciebie...
drf 19.02.04, 09:32 zarchiwizowany

Posluchaj Przemysl i Odpowiedz



Re: fight, flight and freeze
patience 19.02.04, 07:48 zarchiwizowany

Many trauma survivors appear to reenact their traumas, self-mutilating, getting
themselves into the same type of trouble over and over, or doing to others what
was done to them. These behaviors probably serve the same unconscious purpose
of speaking the unspeakable.

Symptoms may come on soon after the trauma or fifty years later. That is the
post in PTSD. It is normal for symptoms to come up again in the face of further
trauma and in times of high stress. It is normal to be affected by trauma. 17 %
of the teenagers in Detroit have diagnosible PTSD according to one study.

Mourning has five stages:

Denial: is screaming "No! No!' at the time of the trauma. It is also "Never
Happened!" and "Didn't affect me!" People can get stuck in denial for years.

Rage: People get stuck in the rage stage, too, screaming and lashing out at
everyone around them, or coldly angry and unable to change.

Bargaining: Stuck bargaining includes veterans who will only get well if the VA
gets perfect or if Nixon or Fonda goes to jail, the child abuse survivor who
will only get well when patriarchy is gone, or the survivor who will only get
better when he or she finds a perfect therapist.

Sadness: The sadness stage is very difficult for most survivors because of our
feelgood culture. Being sad is practically illegal. Sadness refused leads me to
deep depression, but today if I start to feel depressed, I ask myself what do I
need to feel sad about. If I can identify and feel it, I don't get depressed.
Sadness needs to be felt. What happened to you was sad, painful, grevious. The
only way out is through. Those feelings won't kill you. It is okay to grieve.
Grief is part of life.

Acceptance: The final stage. Yes this did happen. It was bad and it has
affected me. I have a scar, but I survived. In time, I may be able to use my
experiences to help other survivors.


sanatorium_psychiatryczne 19.02.04, 04:15 zarchiwizowany


I'm no New Aryan but I have to add these small comments to your Hitler as
Artist page. I met 'der fuhrer' about three years before his famous suicide.
The Eagle's Nest was the product of his final commercial success.

It was a grand , imposing, and (to this observer) sterile architectural
schema conceived by one of his late lovers...(Speer?). I was, none the less,
moved by the mans very presence. He had that unsmiling seriousness that comes
from either true genius or true psychosis.

Judging from his suicide and his contributions to the arts its likely a
combination of the two. I addressed him formally as 'Der Furher!' and he barely
showed evidence of my presence. I then told him, 'Sir! Your works have caused
and uproar in Bavaria and now I will speak to you as a Bavarian!' His eyes
flashed and he turned to me with that hard gaze that has melted many a
pretentious young bourgeois girls heart but then it softened and he invited me
in to his study for coffee and cakes. His constitution by that time was weak.
Its amazing to say but he ate only nuts and a salad while I guzzled good German
coffee and chocolates.

He smiled frequently, a twinkle in his eye and admitted that he understood
the common mood. 'Herr Beethoven knew how to move a crowd too' he said, 'I make
love to the people, they are like a women, I give them what they want and...',
he paused and looked lovingly on his famous 'Kristallnacht' painting...'they
give me what I want!'

He finished with a sigh of almost sexual release. 'You see, I find the
masses horrid. They know only sheer emotion, sheer terror. But terror has its
uses... yes... its uses. I can tell you that a true artist knows how the crowd
thinks. What the crowd believes on an unconscious level and...' he sipped at
some English Tea here, ' and the true artist knows how to satisfy the crowd,
make the crowd scream for more and keep coming back to the only lover that can

Why did Hitler confide these things to me, a Bavarian chicken farmer? I
suspect he saw in me the appreciation for his 'world view' as the Americans put
it. Someone who knew what he intended and could make it happen, could carry out
the ultimate end, the master stroke, the final solution if you will of his
grand schemes that came from the tortured soul of one who knew suffering as no
effeminate Hemingway every did.

When Mein Furher took his life I felt a part of myself die. You don't know
the power or the passion of the man or his great plans. Having met him I feel
as if something is missing now that he has left us. What might have been? What
glory could have been?

Alas the once Germanic neighborhood I returned to has become a gathering for
the filthy Slavic Hordes. I return to my chickens, a wiser but sadder man for
having met the one man who could have made a real difference in the world.
Imagine there's no heaven and we must live in the hell of his absence! I still
have one of his last works.

The bold "Band Of Brothers!' painting with its steely eyed young men, the
eye of the beast in them ,with the breathtaking black and silver double
lightning bolts behind them, marching to a new war that never happened,
avenging the losses of the Great War and making a New Germany. Alas, all we
have now is the memories. What could have been!

Yours Very Truly,

Heinrich Himmler

66 Swatchstrasse


GDYBY ...ADOLF SZTICKELGRUBER HITLER dostal prace jako scenarzysta opery
wiedenskiej a SOSO DJUGASHVILI skonczyl seminarium duchowne w Gruzji ...


Mescy UFOnauci faktycznie sa impotentami i aby odbywac stosunki seksualne, w
swoich penisach musza nosic specjalne struktury usztywniajace. Ich impotencja
wynika z owego niskiego poziomu ich uczuc (tj. nie sa w stanie osiagnac owego
wysokiego poziomu podniecenia jaki dostepny jest dla ludzi). Jej opis rowniez
zawarty jest w owych podrozdzialach M9.5 i E7.1 z [8]. Owa plastykowa struktura
usztywniajaca zawarta w penisach UFOnautow odczuwana jest przez gwalcone przez
nich ziemskie kobiety jak rodzaj zimnej chrzastkowej rurki.
6. UFOnauci brutalnie eksploatuja i okradaja ludzi na tysiace odmiennych
sposobow. Przykladowo, od kazdej osoby na Ziemi rabuja oni szczegolny rodzaj
energii, zwany energia zyciowa. Opis specjalnej komory zimna za pomoca jakiej
owo rabowanie energii zyciowej od ludzi sie odbywa, przytoczony jest w
traktacie [3b]. Od kazdej tez osoby na Ziemi rabuja oni sperme i owule. Potem z
owej spermy i owule przemyslowo klonuja oni swoich sluzacych i robotnikow
zwanych biorobotami. Podczas rabowania ludzkiej spermy i owule, zwykle tez
gwalca swoje ofiary. Praktycznie to niemal kazda osoba na Ziemi jest gwalcona
przez UFOnautow na jakims etapie swojego zycia. Jak rozpoznac ze pada sie
ofiara owych gwaltow opisane jest w owym podrozdziale U3.7.1 z tomu 15
monografii [1/4].
7. Obecnosc niewidzialnych UFOnautow we wlasnym mieszkaniu daje sie wykryc np.
za pomoca zwyklego pilota do telewizora. Metody i sposoby odkrywania nalotu
niewidzialnych UFOnautow na nasze mieszkanie opisane sa w podrozdziale U3.8
tomu 15 monografii [1/4], oraz w podrozdziale E6 tomu 4 monografii [8].



Gdyby II WS,zakonczyla sie w 1947, Delphinarium... IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
Gość: atek 19.02.04, 03:01 zarchiwizowany

rzezi w Delphinarium by nawet nie bylo.
Nie byloby zamachow na autobusy w izraelu, nie byloby palestynskich zamachowcow.
Malo tego, Hamas nawet by nie istnial.

zyd ze szwecji IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
Gość: rgol 19.02.04, 02:54 zarchiwizowany

autor watku: 4_4_4_4_4_4_4_ lub ________________________________,
lub @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


Kretynie pejsiasty, slyszales kiedys taka angielska maxime :
"Never underestimate your enemy" ?

sanatorium_psychiatryczne 19.02.04, 02:39 zarchiwizowany

UFOnauci maja brzydki zwyczaj wysylania na Ziemie swoich szpiegow i
sabotazystow. Szpiedzy ci mieszaja sie z ludzmi i zbieraja dane o naszej
cywilizacji, aby potem moc lepiej nas eksploatowac. Aczkolwiek az kilka
odmiennych ras UFOnautow wysyla na Ziemie swoich szpiegow, najczesciej mozna
spotkac szpiegow i sabotazystow z rasy UFOnautow ktora jest najbardziej z nami
pokrewna, a stad najbardziej podobna do ludzi. UFOnauci tej rasy sa niemal jak
my - ktos moze z nimi rozmawiac lub nawet sie przyjaznic i wcale nie wiedziec
ze ma do czynienia z UFOlem.



Telusiu !Twoj repertuar intelektualny wskazuje na
drf 19.02.04, 02:24 zarchiwizowany

powazne uszkodzenie umyslu...;(

Re: Telus?
drf 19.02.04, 00:56 zarchiwizowany

patience napisała:

> Musisz sie poprawic. Porzadny antysemita sie tak nie zachowuje. "Zyklon" sie
> miesci jak najbardziej w twoim wizerunku, ale zaczepki celem nawiazania
> juz nie. Albo zyklonuj, albo dialoguj.

Masz racje Helga , cos tu nie gra tylko co ?

Jak na Naziste Telus ma zupelnie inne problemy...

Re: IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
drf 19.02.04, 00:41 zarchiwizowany

Gość portalu: fj napisał(a):

> jude psie ryje !!!!
> zyklonem zbirow poczestuje u mnie 'na przyjeciu'
No coz teraz jestes soba...;( szczekasz jak maly lepperek...;(

a tak prywatnie musisz mnie lubic ,skoro sie za mna od lat uganiasz...;)


Chcesz porozmawiac na serio ?

Co ci te zydy zrobily ?


patience 19.02.04, 00:05 zarchiwizowany

Musisz sie poprawic. Porzadny antysemita sie tak nie zachowuje. "Zyklon" sie
miesci jak najbardziej w twoim wizerunku, ale zaczepki celem nawiazania dialogu
juz nie. Albo zyklonuj, albo dialoguj.

[...] IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
Gość: fj 18.02.04, 23:52 zarchiwizowany

Wiadomość została usunięta ze względu na złamanie prawa lub regulaminu.

IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
drf 18.02.04, 23:05 zarchiwizowany

"Przyjacielu" z Kanady :No i czemu przypisac taka nagla zmiane pogladow ?

Out of the closet ?


AQUANET TO SUPER POST IP: *.bchsia.telus.net
Gość: el zydow 18.02.04, 22:48 zarchiwizowany

patience 18.02.04, 08:22 zarchiwizowany

> pozdrawienia dla Helgi


Re: SAVEtheWHALES& Post-Traumatic Gazette
drf 18.02.04, 01:52 zarchiwizowany

PTSD: What It Is and How to Recover
Text of First Issue of
the Post-Traumatic Gazette
©1995 by Patience H. C. Mason. All rights reserved, except that permission is
hereby granted to freely reproduce and distribute this document, provided the
text is reproduced unaltered and entire (including this notice)
and is distributed free of charge.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The Post-Traumatic Gazette is a newsletter for all trauma
survivors, from veterans to rape victims, earthquake survivors to prisoners of
war, their families, friends and therapists. It is dedicated to the idea of
healing one day at a time from experiences which forever change a person's view
of the world.

This first issue is intended to set out a healing perspective on PTSD which has
developed from my own experiences and from the work of respected professionals.
In this perspective we see trauma as the problem, and PTSD reactions as
creative and life-saving solutions to the problem of trauma. They worked. The
survivor is alive.

We believe it is normal to be affected by trauma, there is help, and it is okay
to ask for help. PTSD is not rare. It is not unusual. It is not weak to have
PTSD. It is normal to be affected by trauma. We can't repeat that too often.

Traumatic experiences bring to the fore survival skills which are valuable and
useful at the time of the trauma, but which usually become less valuable, less
useful and less effective with time.

We believe that survivors become stuck in problem behaviors when their pain is
not acknowledged, heard, respected, and understood. Denial plays a great part
here (didn't happen/ shouldn't affect you). Putdowns, dismissal of their pain,
misdiagnosis and other forms of secondary wounding keep survivors stuck.

Recovery is a slow process which doesn't come easily or painlessly. The
survivor must be heard, feel understood, and reconnect to a community. The
Gazette is aimed at helping to form such a community. Recovery takes time. The
survivor sets the pace. Recovery is not a race, and recovery doesn't erase the
trauma as if it had never happened. Trauma will always affect survivors. PTSD
symptoms may come back under further stress, but the negative effects can be
minimized as the survivor learns what they are and feels empowered to take care
of him or herself. True healing is knowing it is okay to ask for help again.
Rather than trying to put trauma behind us and forget it, I believe in another
deeper kind of healing where we never forget, where we keep the memory alive of
what happened to us and to others and we use our knowledge to keep traumatic
things from happening to others. We also reach out, acknowledge the pain of
other trauma survivors and encourage them to talk. We can make a difference.

This perspective also emphasizes that survivors and family members and
therapists are human and are doing the best they can. Recovery is about
learning better ways and letting go of fear, even fear of change. Slow growth
is good growth.

This perspective differs from the sometimes still prevalent attitude that
trauma couldn't affect a really well balanced person and also from the hurry up
and get it all out so you can get well school of treatment. Respect for the
survivor is implicit in this perspective. We don't rush survivors and we don't
dismiss their pain. Instead of comparing pain, survivors and survivor groups
are encouraged to respect each other's pain and to focus on what they have in
common and to share recovery. Each person's unique experience and pain is

In this perspective we also acknowledge the pain of the families of trauma
survivors which often develop ineffective patterns as they try to cope. We seek
to create a caring community of people who have been affected by trauma and
share information on how to heal one day at a time.

The PTG would like to know what you--survivors, family, friends and therapists--
have found helpful in your recovery work. If you send in a letter that I
publish, you will recieve a year's free subscription. I hope the PTG will be
packed full of stuff which will be helpful to every reader. Other goals of the
PTG are:

To work towards a more scientific diagnosis of Post Traumatic reactions based
on observation of what is traumatic and on all the trauma related behaviors of
people who have been traumatized,
To provide new information on the treatment of PTSD and up-to-date sources of
good information on safe and effective help
To illuminate the connection between PTSD and substance abuse and compulsive
To raise public awareness of the epidemic of PTSD and it's enormous cost to
society in rising rates of violence and substance abuse.
To discuss implications of the intergenerational transmission of PTSD in
professions, families and cultures.
To develop public policies which will be helpful for trauma survivors.


PS; Wyglada na to iz Trauma jest kolektywna..;(

pozdrawienia dla Helgi

At Patience Press you will find:

Help for trauma surivors, war veterans, family members, friends and
The normal effects of trauma (post-traumatic reactions) explained as survivor
skills (they kept you alive) which over time may become big problems. See issue
#1 of the Post-Traumatic Gazette
How post-traumatic stress disorder affects family members, including me. See
issue #2
How to get better. A wide variety of resources, because different people need
different things.
The perspective that it is normal to be affected by trauma, and it takes time
to heal, and we heal in community. You can start alone (no reason not to) but
finding support is a part of healing. This site is meant to be part of your
support system.
Hope. You did not deserve whatever you endured. You didn’t cause it even if
other people blame you for it. It is normal to be affected by trauma, and you
deserve to recover.
Free for downloading: Sample issues of the Post-Traumatic Gazette, pamphlets
and articles. Plus excerpts and samples of many of the books we sell at...
Patience's online bookstore where you can buy everything Patience has written
(book, pamphlets, all the back issues of the Post-Traumatic Gazette) as well as
other books I find helpful through links to Amazon.


jenisiej 17.02.04, 22:18 zarchiwizowany

Cachalot (sperm whale) - large whale with a large cavity in the head containing
spermaceti and oil; also a source of ambergris.

One toothed whale, the sperm whale, sometimes known as a cachalot, is quite
large: the male grows to a length of 18.3 m (60 ft), and the female grows to a
length of 12.2 m (40 ft). It was heavily hunted in the past.
These unusual sensory abilities of whales have given rise to considerable
speculation as to their intelligence. Cetaceans, in fact, are the only animals
(other than the elephant) to possess a brain larger than a human does. For
example, the brain of an average adult sperm whale weighs 9 kg (20 lb); of an
elephant, 4.5 kg (10 lb); of a bottle-nosed dolphin, 1.7 kg (3.75 lb); and of a
human being, 1.35 kg (3 lb). The significance of this brain size in terms of
intelligence, however, is not known. In captivity, whales and dolphins show
considerable capacity for learning and a well-developed sense of play and
caring for others; but because it is extremely difficult to observe cetaceans
in their natural state, little is known of their social interaction and
communication in the wild. Some species exist for the most part as solitary
animals, whereas others occur in family groups or in pods or schools that range
from six or seven to hundreds of individuals. Killer whales exhibit a high
degree of cooperative hunting, an activity that would indicate active
communication among pod members. Despite much popular writing about the
cetacean "language" and attempts at human-cetacean communication, such claims
remain unproved.
Half of all whale species can be considered rare as opposed to endangered; that
is, individuals of such species are not (and perhaps never were) very numerous.
Many of the unusual beaked whales fall into this category. Most of the
commercially valuable whale species, however, are indeed endangered. These
include the blue, sei, Bryde's, fin, bowhead, humpback, and right whales and
many stocks of sperm whales. They are endangered as a result of overhunting, to
the point that the animals killed outnumber the animals being born. If
unregulated whaling continues, these species will be wiped out entirely; the
numbers of some of them are perhaps already so low that they can never recover.
Whales can endanger themselves when they become stranded on beaches as they
cannot live long out of water. They may overheat or drown when the tide comes
in and covers their blowholes. It is not fully understood why whales swim on to
beaches but it has been suggested that a failure in their echolocation
signalling can be caused by disease or parasites in the whales' ears.

Re: SAVEtheMALESparaNOyesNOthing
patience 17.02.04, 20:34 zarchiwizowany


Jul 09, 2003 - 10:02 AM
What a curious thread. I have no idea how to approach it.

I wonder if to think about nothing at all is to lose consciousness?



Jestes wart tyle zlota, ile wazysz. Oplulam monitor. a TERAZ WYJE.


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